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Archive of June, 1993

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[Permalink 1993-06-24] USAFA SSS Day 6

June 24, 1993:

11:04 MDT: Had my last real workshop -- Economics -- this morning. For free time today, I'll probably go to the Visitors Center and spend my last $4. Mostly packed and ready to go. Got "graduation" tonight. Not bad for a week. I'd probably like it here, if'n'when I come. Spent my last picture on the Cadet Chapel. I might add something about tonight when I get home.

For now, fini.

Well, that does it for the journal. I don't really remember much about the week I spent there. I have fragments of a physics demonstration when we proved that the best trajectory for a catapault is 45°. There was a lecture on energy vs. work somewhere in there (it takes energy for a magnet to hold another magnet against gravity, but since it doesn't move no work is done). I remember trying to draw the Cadet Chapel (a really neat-looking building) on the computer; I think it might have been a really old version of AutoCAD since the first thing we drew was a doorknob. I remember another one of the kids twisting his ankle playing walleyball for some reason, but the rest of the week has suffered the ravages of time and beer.

And of course, I didn't get into USAFA. A girl from my high school, who was also in all the advanced classes, did get in. Given how NROTC turned out, I'm guessing the Academy would have been an even worse idea, so it probably worked out best for everyone involved that she went instead of me.

[Permalink 1993-06-23] USAFA SSS Day 5

June 23, 1993:

22:49 MDT: Slept through reville this morning. Bryan woke me up about 20 minutes before we had to meet for breakfast. I took the coldest damn shower of my life and made it to the 4th Squadron CQ desk with about three seconds to spare. Workshop #1 was math. We did probability and statistics, which I already knew, but I did get to use a lap-top computer -- yay.

Had free period again. Went to the C-Store to kill some time and read more of Bryan's book -- it ain't too bad, just drawn out. Played walleyball again in the rec period and actually won a couple. Two-man teams still beat us though.

Went to a chemistry/physics show. The guy mixed glycerol with a mystery substance (KMnO4 -- we did it in Chmistry class) and they burned.

Up to page 410 in a 1270-page book. I don't think I'll make it to the end.

There's this cute girl named Jennifer; I wish I could work up the nerve to talk to her without feeling like a dumb-ass. Last entry tomorrow.

Heh. Laptops were new enough that I took note of it. Of course, back then the computer they made you buy on enrollment was a 386. And you'll note from the last paragraph that I have indeed always been a shy, no-condfidence-having mofo.

[Permalink 1993-06-22] USAFA SSS Day 4

June 22, 1993:

21:06 MDT: Today was much better. I had two workshops today so I didn't have to sit on my ass for three hours. It was a two-parter on computer-aided drafting. The tutorial was pretty easy (a doorknob) and I started my own project near the end of the first class (a house). I finished it in the second class and printed it on the B/W laser. Then I made a picture of the Cadet Chapel. It's kinda realistic. It has the basic shape on it, but it's like, half-there.

Oh well, everyone knows what it is. We saw a movie today on Einstein after dinner, and it still confuses the hell out of me. Reading my roommate's novel. Kinda boring, but what else is new? Tomorrow is the math workshop and another "free period" (hot damn).

Almost forgot -- walleyball today: 0-6 record. Three against two (I was always on a three). My teams SUCKED so bad, it was unbelieveable. More tomorrow.

I'm pretty sure that printout of the chapel building is still floating around here somewhere. I'll have to see about getting that scanned and posted here.

Hm. All my teams sucked. Nope, couldn't have been my fault. Not at all.

[Permalink 1993-06-21] USAFA SSS Day 3

June 21, 1993:

13:09 MDT My first workshop went well. It was Computer Science. Turbo Pascal, what they use, doesn't quite do as much as Macontosh Pascal. My "workshop" this afternoon is free time. I'm stuck in here for the next three hours unless someone decides to take us to the gym again, like yesterday. I found out the Suns did lose, damnit. The Bulls three-peated. More tonight.

15:48 MDT: It's not tonight yet, but I've been playing solitaire for 2½ hours now.

20:56 MDT: After dinner, we watched a TV show made a couple years ago about USAFA called "Wild Blue U." After that, some of the cadets answered questions about their fourth-class years. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

During the rec period, I played walleyball. Our teams were well-balanced. We tied the series at 3-3 then redrew teams and had a 1-1 series before we had to go. This morning we took our group picture. We sat on a hill for 10 minutes while a dumb-ass driver and a dumber-ass 10-year-old figured out they were between us and the camera. All for today.

[Permalink 1993-06-20] USAFA SSS Day 2

June 20, 1993:

13:23 MDT: Went on the Pike's Peak tour this morning. Wasn't cloudy this morning -- could see for miles. Right now, just playing solitaire with my roommate's cards.

Yep, that's me. Everyone else is out socializing and I'm holed up in my room playing cards. Go me.

21:34 MDT: Right after I wrote that I went to the gym and played basketball. I contributed as much as always -- very little. Then I went to the TV room and watched the Phoenix-Chicago game. The Bulls were up 6 when I left for the "pizza feast" (3 slices). I've heard rumors that the Bulls won but I'll see for sure tomorrow. Maybe it's the altitude, but I'm already damn tired again. Maybe I'll read my roommate's comic books until 10 or 10:30. More tomorrow.

And reading his comic books. And you people laugh when I say that I've improved over the years.

[Permalink 1993-06-19] USAFA Summer Scientific Seminar Day 1

June 19, 1993:

While I was poking around through some old files I found a journal I kept while I was at the Summer Scientific Seminar at the US Air Force Academy between my 11th and 12th grade years. This was a program for prospective cadets that lasted a week during the summer. I'm pretty sure there were multiple weeks to get as many people in as possible. I'm adding them in and back-dating them, so once I have them set up I'll have to add 1993 to the Brain Farts navigation.

Any modern-day (2006) notes will be in italics, like these. Now, on with the show...

21:08 MDT: First day wasn't so bad, just boring. Ate one of the box lunches -- they're just as bad as in DC. Went out and played volleyball at about 1:30. Got sunburned already. Dinner was fine (country-fried steak). Orientation meeting was BORING. Not even 10:00 and I'm already tired.

Note: When the scout troop would go on road trips we'd frequently stay at Air Force bases or (less frequently) Army forts -- I think one of the Assistant Scoutmasters was a reservist and before 2001 nobody had a problem with letting a few dozen civilians set up sleeping bags on the gym floor. Anyway, we'd usually grab boxed lunches from the commissary for while we were out and about. They were about half a step above MREs, but that didn't necessarily make them palatable.

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