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Archive of May, 2001

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[Permalink 2001-05-31] 'Cause I Don't Watch Enough TV As it Is...

May 31, 2001:

Cool... just saw on Sci-Fi Channel that "Farscape" will have new episodes starting June 15th. Now if "The Sopranos" could just pull a page from their book -- last time the world had to wait 13 months for new episodes out of them, and the "season" is already over.

[Permalink 2001-05-30] Math Is Hard...

May 30, 2001:

Well, just in case someone's reading these things, I figured I'd correct my earlier post about the High Level Bridge. It's not a mile long, although with no references it seems like it. It's really 0.6 miles long, and I'd estimate that Browns Hill Road is slightly longer, from the base of the bridge to the corner of Hazelwood where it ends.

[Permalink 2001-05-29] Fool Me Once, Shame On You...

May 29, 2001:

File this one under "I Really Should Know Better."

After going to the Giant Eagle for some Memorial Day cookout supplies, I decided to drive down to the Waterfront McDonald's and get myself some dinner. Yes, that McDonald's, from my almost-a-speeding-ticket. I keep my speed under 40 mph (which really pissed of the other drivers, by the way), and make to Mickey-D's without a problem.

I get my food and start driving home. As I get close to the light where I make the left turn to head towards the High Level Bridge it turns yellow. I gun it -- such as it is in the Honda -- and get through while the light is still "slightly orange." Which means I get through the intersection while the opposing traffic's light is still red, even though mine is too. I look behind me, and see... Homestead Police Car.


I keep it at a steady 22 mph while splitting my attention between the rear view mirror and the road ahead of me. He gets to the entrance to Dave & Busters, and turns in -- he's just looking for speeders on Waterfront Drive. It's also got the ridiculous 25 limit, but that's another Brain Fart.

I unclench and continue on my way. Like I said, you'd think I'd know better by now.

[Permalink 2001-05-28] F*%&ing Pigs...

May 28, 2001:

OK, I've calmed down enough to (I hope) write about this rationally.

A couple weeks ago, during the intermission of a Penguins game, I was driving to McDonald's to grab myself some drive-thru. On Browns Hill Road (leading down the back of Squirrel Hill) and the Homestead High Level Bridge (crosses the Monongahela into Homestead) traffic routinely travels between 45 and 65 mph.

The posted limit is 25. So to be blunt, everybody speeds on the road/bridge all the time. It's just a fact of life. I'd never even seen a cop on that road, until that night. I look up, there's a cop car filling my rear view mirror. Long story short, I got a ticket. $94 fine (not as bad as it could have been, since I had a clean record).

But here's my gripe: Why the hell is the speed limit so low? If this were a residential street I could understand, but there's nothing there. It's almost a mile of road with three intersections followed by a mile-plus-long bridge. At a minimum, the speed limit should be 45. I'd still have been speeding, but the potential fine wouldn't have been as bad. The only reason I can think of is to drum up revenue for the city/county/whoever gets the money. In my never-humble opinion, that's just BS -- these laws are supposd to exist for public safety, not to pad the government's coffers at the drivers' expense.

OK, so I'm still a little angry about it.

Donut, anyone?

[Permalink 2001-05-26] Why I Hate My Job

May 26, 2001:

Well, I'm more than a little disappointed, to say the least. Since I started working at JBDC, the company site has been "my" site. Whenever the clunky old interface screwed something up (like the incorrect style sheet requests that were built into it in '96) I fixed it. Whenever we added a new client Web site, I manually added it in three different places.

Then the Interactive side became MindChisel and MindChisel also became "mine." I brought the site through two designs and had it 90% finished both times. The second time I added a bunch of database functionality to make my life as its webmaster a lot easier.

But then the two companies un-separated, meaning we'd have to redesign the site again, and brand it as JBDC instead.

After the work I've put into the site over the last two years, they gave the site to Keith. Keith's a good webmaster, don't get me wrong, but after dicking around for nine months do the admin-types mean to tell me that the site couldn't wait another two weeks?

OK, so I'm venting. But the MindChisel site was the best one I'd done at work -- efficient, updateable, database-driven, functional, the whole nine yards -- and it's all for nothing. Like I said, just a little bit disappointing.

Rant Mode off.

[Permalink 2001-05-25] Public Service Announcement

May 25, 2001:

Just saw that Raisin Bran Crunch cereal commercial for about the millionth time, and decided to make my own public service announcement.

If a cow only has one udder, it ain't an udder.

(Hey, they can't all be deep and insightful.)

[Permalink 2001-05-24] Getting in Shape, Even If it Kills My Rollerblades

May 24, 2001:

Well, I guess that's what I get for buying a $45 pair of rollerblades. When I went skating today (or, tried to go skating today), the plastic adjuster strip broke. I decided to jog instead.

I'm not built for jogging. Everything below my knees hurts right now. And yes, I stretched beforehand. Which leads to my dilemma -- I want to continue getting in shape, but I don't want to spend any more money on rollerblades. I really don't want to spend much money at all, now that I got this month's credit card bill in the mail, but that's another story.

So there it stands -- Rock, Me, Hard Place. Dammit.

[Permalink 2001-05-23] I'm Baaaaaack...

May 23, 2001:

Well, I'm back, and the PHP site is up and running. My immediate goals are to start writing ahead of the posting curve, chase down the bug in my auto-posting script, and start creating more code samples for people to view.

Until then, enjoy the new, database-driven Brain Farts.

[Permalink 2001-05-03] More Random Thoughts

May 03, 2001:

Wow, I've really sucked about updating these things. I guess I should've given myself some time to write ahead, so there'd always be something new here. Ah well.

Things are a little hectic right now for me; I'm car-less until later this morning, since I had to get my inspection/emission done yesterday (it was due by April 30th, oops) and couldn't get back to the mechanic after work due to having to work late all three days this week. I have today and tomorrow off, so I can go to a wedding in Cleveland, meaning I won't be updating these for yet another long weekend. I promise, I'll eventually start doing these every day.

I also haven't been able to rollerblade at all for the same reasons (I ain't skating down Greenfield Ave. -- I'll die) so I'm going to be back to my completely-out-of-shape self any millisecond now. I always said my family would be the death of me :)

I just picked myself up a domain yesterday,, so I can show off my PHP skills to potential employers. It'll also be much more reliable and much faster than GeoCities is right now. And no ad-boxes. I hate those things. Expect it to be up (with yet another redesign) in a couple weeks.

I'll also be converting this section to PHP, so it'll work a little better than it is right now.


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