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Archive of November, 2002

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[Permalink 2002-11-29] Betcha Didn't Know...

November 29, 2002:

Mobile Pentium III and IV processors have a neat little feature built in to them that clocks them down when all the cycles aren't needed. It saves power, and thus lengthens the life of the battery. Neato.

[Permalink 2002-11-28] Happy Thanksgiving

November 28, 2002:

Thought I'd take a break from my usual pointlessness for some slightly different pointlessness. Everybody have a good Thanksgiving, even any pour souls who happen to be stuck in a country that doesn't have Thanksgiving (which, at last count, was all of 'em except the U.S.). Your regularly-scheduled blather will return tomorrow. Now go watch some football.

[Permalink 2002-11-27] Democrats

November 27, 2002:

So, the Dems are up in arms about the big Republican wins in the House and Senate. They'd been talking for weeks, both the pundits and the average Joe via the Letters to the Editor, about how the only way to maintain sanity was if the Democrats comtrolled Congress.

Too bad they forgot that you have to actually vote to make things like that happen.

Of course the problem is, as always, self-correcting. Bush and Co. will be able to ram just about anything they want through Congress. And people are going to take notice when nation-building in Afghanistan (and possibly Iraq) falls through, when the economy does a whole lot of nothing, and when ANWR turns out to be an expensive and useless boondoggle. Basically, unless they're really lucky, they'll all be out of a job come '04.

Then the Dems will have a chance to foul things up for a while. The the Republicans, then the Democrats, then the....

[Permalink 2002-11-26] Athsma: If You Can Spell It,You've Probably Got It

November 26, 2002:

The last couple nights I've been visiting Rob and Allison down in Washington, PA. They've got cats. I'm allergic to cats. This wasn't a big deal before; After a few hours I'd get a mild case of the sniffles and that would be that.

But since I moved out of the place on Beechwood it's gotten worse. Friday night I was blowing my nose every couple minutes and had to take a Sudafed to get any sleep. Saturday night I bypassed the runny-nose bit, and experienced the wonderous feeling that is my bronchial tubes tightening up. For those of you whose systems work normally, I'll give a brief description: You know how your chest feels when you've been holding your breath a lot? It feels like that, even though you're breathing (mostly) normally. I had to force myself to exhale as much air as I could, so my diaphragm muscle could get a little bit of rest. Not fun.

Then of course there was the wheezing and "rattling" as I tried to get to sleep. Needless to say the 10 hour snooze I got wasn't quite restful. Things are back to normal today, at least. But I think next time I'll ask them to come up here.

[Permalink 2002-11-22] "Say Goodbye to the Oldies-but-Goodies..."

November 22, 2002:

Don't you just hate it when you get a song stuck in your head? And it's not because you heard it on the radio; you were just doing something and the sadistic part of your brain just decided to dig it up for you? I've got that right now.

The site I'm doing for Htet Htet's mom is a jewelry company. So as I'm coming up with layouts (Woo-hoo! I'm a designer now!) my brain calls up rom the depths... "This Diamond Ring" (which a Google search tells me is by a group called Gary Lewis & the Playboys from 1965). This song is horrible. I mean, yes, it's almost 40 years old and thus has two and a half strikes against it already, but this song sucks.

Who do I blame for this? My parents. They like this crap. And since I was stuck listening to their garbage music as a kid, I have a better oldies selection floating around in my head than you can find at some record stores. Including this damn song. Here, look for yourself. If you were subjected to this as a kid, you'll probably be humming it all damn day.

You can thank me later.

[Permalink 2002-11-21] Voting

November 21, 2002:

Went out and voted on the 5th. It's not like I had anything better to do. Choices were pretty limited -- the only Libertarian on the ticket was running for governor, and he wanted to privatize the public school system. Sorry, but that's one of the few things the government's supposed to do. I know it wouldn't happen, even if he somehow got elected, but he basically lost all credibility there.

Anyway, since I'm officially in East Liberty I voted in East Liberty. I figured it'd be a good experiment, since blacks are always complaining about how they're kept away from the polls and this neighborhood has a high proportion of black people. Know what I saw? Nothing. The only problem I had with it was that directions to the polling place weren't explicitly clear when I got to the building. But if I can figure it out (ask the guy at the door for help) anybody can.

Of course, nobody complained about things like that in this election, probably because only about 3 million people turned out statewide. Seems like the only thing holding people back from voting is indifference.

I do have one question, though, that I'll probably have to go look up an answer to: How close to the polling place are people allowed to hand out flyers, and that kind of stuff? In Ohio I'm pretty sure it was 1000 feet, but walking to the place I passed about half a dozen Rendell For Governor signs, and a woman at the door was handing out leaflets telling me who the Democrats were so I could vote for them. Granted nobody tried to follow me into the booth, but that seems just a bit close to me.

[Permalink 2002-11-20] Who Needs Crack? I've Got a Blog!

November 20, 2002:

Heh. Apparently this blogging/online journal/whatever you want to call it is addictive. Brain Farts hasn't even lost the "updated xxx ago" (this happens after 10 days) from its navigational link, and I already feel the need to post something again. But I'll resist the temptation. At least for now.

[Permalink 2002-11-19] A Little Time Off to Clear the Mind

November 19, 2002:

Well, I've decided that I want to keep this up. Actually, I'm not sure I have a choice in the matter. But there will be one change -- I'm going to cut this back to four days a week. I'll be updating the scripts to take this into account, but there may be a couple quirks on the first attempt.

[Permalink 2002-11-02] Hmm...

November 02, 2002:

I'm starting to wonder if this is all worth the effort. I mean, I don't really have a lot to say, and lately this is starting to seem more like work than a hobby. Most of my entries are being written as I'm going to bed at one in the morning, after realizing that I don't have anything waiting.

Basically, I'm thinking that this is becoming a hassle, and I've only got enough to update once or twice a week. A year and a half ago it was fun. Eh, well, I guess I'll take some time and think about it. Posting may fall off a bit for a while. Either I'll have a bunch of stuff saved up or I'll realize that I just can't keep this up, even with my ultra-light schedule.

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