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Archive of July, 2003

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[Permalink 2003-07-31] Not Alone, I See

July 31, 2003:

Well, I was somewhat annoyed when U-Haul decided to not let me rent a truck for a whole Saturday when I moved. They'd done it the previous year, so I don't see what the problem was. Apparently I got off lucky.

[Permalink 2003-07-29] No, We're Not Sue-Happy At All

July 29, 2003:

Well, a bunch of telemarketers are suing the FCC over the do-not-call list. They say it'll cut their profits in half and lead to a couple million lost jobs. The first claim I believe. The second I don't.

Nor do I feel much pity anyway. To paraphrase a posting from the Straight Dope Message Board, the telemarketers may want to look into a little thing called "honest work." It does wonders.

[Permalink 2003-07-28] "We Aim to Please, So Please Aim"

July 28, 2003:

(I've been informed that some people here don't like toilet humor. People like that would be well-advised to skip this entry, since it has to do with going Number One.)

Someone here at work needs to do some serious work on his marksmanship, if you catch my drift. I'm getting tired of having to stand with my feet a yard apart just to avoid stepping in someone else's pee. I'm not talking about a few drops here -- in an office this size you're bound to get a few dribbles during the course of the day. This is major. The only time I ever came close to making that much of a mess was when I woke up at 4 in the morning, drunk off my ass, and thought I could still use the "sonar method." I was wrong.

I wonder what happens when these guys wash their cars or fill the gas tanks.

[Permalink 2003-07-25] I Need To Steal a Roadsign

July 25, 2003:

Gotta get a Route 666 sign before it gets renamed. Shame it's in the southwest...

[Permalink 2003-07-24] Shorter than I Thought

July 24, 2003:

After reading a thread on the Straight Dope Message Boards, I decided to look up the height chart for someone who's 26. I'm very well-aware of the fact that I'm below the average height for this country. I just didn't know how bad it was.

From this chart, I found that the average American male is almost 5'10", compared to my 5'7". Due to (what I'm assuming is) the bell-curve-like distribution of heights, I'm not even up to the 25th percentile. If I had to guess, I'd say I'm somewhere around the 10th or 15th. If I knew any statistics I could probably say with some confidence just how short I am.

In the meantime, I'm going to try to find some Asians to hang out with -- they almost universally make me feel tall.

[Permalink 2003-07-23] Side Note

July 23, 2003:

DSL's back up.

Why was the cable company able to get everything taken care of before the U-Haul truck was even unloaded, and the phone company took more than a week to get me back up and running?

[Permalink 2003-07-22] The Official Boner of the NFL

July 22, 2003:

Bayer and GlaxoSmithKline recently signed a sponsorship deal with the NFL to promote their Viagra knockoff. Regular readers should be able to make their own disparaging remarks about NFL fans not being able to get it up.

[Permalink 2003-07-21] It's Never Simple, Is It?

July 21, 2003:

Found out why my DSL line hasn't been activated yet. Apparently, the order canceled itself since the phone line wasn't active yet. Utterly brilliant.

So I re-submitted by activation request (why, oh why, must I activate something I already have?) and it should be hooked up next Thursday. 'Cause that's the soonest some tech can take 5 seconds to throw a fucking switch.

I swear, if Comcast wasn't trying to shaft me on basic cable (42 dollars a month?!) I'd be getting a cable modem right now. It'd almost be worth changing local phone companies over this, if I wouldn't probably have to go through Verizon anyway.

Edit: I couldn't get a cable modem even if I wanted to; Comcast's upgrades to Pittsburgh's cable system apparently don't include Internet service. Wonderful.

[Permalink 2003-07-18] Strange, But True: Redux

July 18, 2003:

Not quite as odd as meeting the neighbor last August, but there's enough of a coincidence to make me dig up a year-old link.

I get home from work Wednesday night and see three girls standing around by the front door. I say hi to them as I enter the building. A couple of 'em are cute, the third would take a few beers. Anyway, I figure they're waiting for someone in the building to come and let them in, so I don't think anything of it.

Grab the mail, come back up to the main landing. They're still there. I open the door. "Are you all waiting for someone?"

Turns out they're renting one of the apartments in the building (they just signed the lease) and are waiting for the maintenance guy to open it up so they can take a look. (Yes, "they." I'm guessing it's only two of the three, since these apartments aren't huge to begin with.) "We're going to be neighbors," one of them says. "We're in 207." Kick ass. I'm in 206, across the hall and over a few feet.

They ask if I know how to get to CMU from the building, and I do. (More Asian CMU students. This is where I remembered last August.) I offer to let them in so they can see if the apartment's open, but they decide to wait for Maintenance Guy.

I'm guessing they start their senior year this coming fall (since they're pooling money for a small-ish apartment), making them 21 or so, and will begin renting August 1st. This could be... interesting.

[Permalink 2003-07-17] What a Way to Get Out of Jail

July 17, 2003:

It's got to be bad enough to be falsely accused of indecent exposure. How much can it suck when your only real defense is that the "victim" couldn't possibly have seen your thang, because you're hung like a squirrel? (Don't worry; the link's just to the news article. Nothing non-worksafe there.)

[Permalink 2003-07-15] Having Trouble Believing This

July 15, 2003:

Given all the ignorant Yinzers running around, Pittsburgh somehow managed to be the sixth-most literate city in the country, getting edged out by Minneapolis and Seattle, among others.

Incredible, really, considering that most of the people from here apparently left off with See Spot Run.

[Permalink 2003-07-14] The Move

July 14, 2003:

Newest entries at the top...

14th, 8:22 AM: Posting everything since Friday night now; my DSL line isn't up yet.

13th, 9:00 PM: Almost all the way unpacked. I have to take the dorm-fridge (beer fridge) down to the storage locker and pick up my dishes from the old apartment tonight (the Wendy's people are gonna know me by name soon).

13th, 7:30 PM: Decided I wanted a Big Mac and drove to the Waterfront McDonald's, thinking it couldn't possibly be as slow as when I lived on Beechwood. I was right; it was even slower. Helpful hint: The second person in line shouldn't have to wait 5 minutes to get "fast" food.

13th, 1:00 PM Decide to take some of the larger boxes (like the TV and surround system) down to the storage locker. Get out of the apartment and engage in the following thought process: "Oops, I'm going to need my key to get into the storage room. Waitaminute, I don't have my... ah, fuck." Five minutes and 40 dollars later I was back in my apartment and very annoyed with myself.

13th, 1:00 AM: Note to self: Staying up till midnight playing board games isn't a bright thing to do after moving that morning. Must sleep.

12th, 1:00 PM: Whoops, left the computer in Rob's trunk. Guess I'll have to go down to Washington so I can drink beer and play cards pick it up.

12th, 12:00 PM: So much for being worried about getting the U-Haul truck back in time; we got it loaded and unloaded so quickly that I had it back an hour early. Now to unpack...

10th, 11:29 PM: Disconnecting. Let's see if Verizon can get my DSL line moved over when they said they could...

10th, 8:21 PM: Well, everything I can load myself is done. Took me about two hours, with a trip up to the Wendy's in the middle of it. If Rob and Adam can get here by 9:30 tomorrow I should be able to have the U-Haul truck back by 1:00, no problem. But next time, I'm hiring movers or going with Budget or Ryder. This have-it-back-by-one mess is just bullshit.

10th, 10:37 AM: Well, McKean Honda finally got around to getting the parts in for my window. Not really related to the move, except for the fact that my car's going to (in all likelihood) be getting rained into this weekend since the window's dropped about an inch since they jury-rigged it last time. And since this weekend's the move, it'll rain on the move. And I won't like that.

10th, 8:17 AM: Note to self: Don't forget to pick up the truck after work tonight.

9th, 10:35 PM: Well, everything's packed. Or, everything I feel like packing at least. All the important stuff's ready to go for tomorrow. After I load the truck I have to do a load of dishes, but there's no rush since I plan on eating fast food and delivery for most of the weekend. It's only 25 till 11, but sleep sounds like a very good idea.

[Permalink 2003-07-11] Wha?

July 11, 2003:

OK, I'm just having trouble fathoming this one. Apparently the Milwaukee Brewers have, as between-inning entertainment, a race between people dressed like sausages. (This seems to be a common thing to do in small-market cities; the Pirates race has people dressed as pierogies.)

So the Pirates, who have their own foodstuff race, were visiting the Brewers not too long ago. And one of their players decked a sausage.

Now, this isn't the case of a mascot pissing off the opposing team and getting what he deserves (like the Calgary Flames mascot did last winter) -- these guys were just running a silly little race during the commercial break.

Now, what would've really made this one interesting would have been if a drunk fan and his son attacked a sausage.

[Permalink 2003-07-10] "Closing Time..."

July 10, 2003:

(June 25th)

"What a coincidence running into you on today of all days, seeing as how I just turned in my two weeks' notice. Just got out of the meeting with [former co-worker]."

Well, that's it. Everybody I used to hang out with at Brady is gone, or will be shortly. Which is good, really, I liked those people and didn't want them to stick around any longer than they needed to. I realized a while ago (and I think I might've mentioned it) that the guy who started the same day as I did is now something like the fourth-most senior person, going by time there. My former co-worker told me that after two and a half years or so, he was the most senior person in Web Development.

I kinda want to say more, but I'm waiting until 18 months after my last day. So if you come back at the end of August, you'll be able to see the last bit of bitter re: Brady. After that there shall be no more mention of my time in purgatory.

Oh, and if said former co-worker happens to be reading this, good luck at the new job.

Names left out because I have a feeling that some people would react badly to seeing this.

[Permalink 2003-07-08] Such an Odd Feeling...

July 08, 2003:

My boss was out of the office for a couple days before the July 4th weekend, using up some vacation days. So I basically had no adult supervision.

I got more done in those two days than I did the previous two, when he was here. Between working at Brady and being unemployed, I'd almost forgotten what it was like to feel motivated at work.

[Permalink 2003-07-07] Economics -101

July 07, 2003:

I've been thinking Bush's tax cut lately. Never mind that a cut in government spending didn't accompany the tax cut, thus launching us back into the world of Budget Deficit, this tax cut was simply implemented wrong.

The idea of Bush's cut was to be more-or-less across the board. This would give almost everybody more money and, so the theory goes, increase spending. This would have the two-fold effect of both stimulating the economy and, thanks to jobs created to meet the demand of more consumers, counteracting the loss of incoming taxes.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. When you give a rich person a tax cut, that person doesn't spend the money -- he invests it. The only other person who benefits is the guy's broker, who's probably pretty wealthy himself. In other words, the money gets "hidden" from the economy at large almost as effectively as if the tax cut hadn't happened. Net result: No economic stimulus, large budget deficit.

Who, then, could we call upon to be the uber-consumer? The poor. If you give a poor person a tax cut, even just a couple hundred dollars a year, that money will in all likelihood be spent. Maybe it's a car repair that should've been taken care of in 2001. Or some fix-ups around the house. Either way, the money gets pumped right back into the economy.

Ditto for the middle class. They're more likely to buy luxury items with their money (replacing the car instead of repairing it, or maybe renting a nicer apartment). Some of the money will be "lost" to investments in the upper levels of the middle class, but I think the extra taxes brought in on big-ticket items (like luxury taxes) would make up for that from the government's point of view.

In other words, a tax cut is a good idea (although I really would've liked to see some government cutbacks to go with it) but it's backwards -- cut taxes more the farther down the economic ladder you are, maybe even bump up the no-taxes-at-all line. Unfortunately that'll never happen no matter which party is in charge in DC -- even after the lower- and middle-class buy a few more necessities they still wouldn't be able to afford much along the lines of political contributions.

[Permalink 2003-07-04] Independence Day

July 04, 2003:

Well, the country's been in existence for 227 years now. All in all, it ain't doin' too bad. We should have some interesting times coming up with this tax cut taking effect and the upcoming election in '04, but those are separate rants. For now, just go to a cookout, drink a beer or five, and watch/set off some fireworks.

[Permalink 2003-07-03] Such a Geek

July 03, 2003:

Well, either that or anal-retentive. I drove over to my new apartment the other night so I could start measuring the place. I started with just the living room, so I could figure out where to put everything, but decided that since I have that copy of AutoCAD 2002 LE from the training a couple months ago, I might actually try to throw a layout online in addition to pictures.

I just need to finish the measurements before I move in a week and a half.

[Permalink 2003-07-01] Stuff

July 01, 2003:

In the course of a year, not much has changed on the clothing front. Haven't really gained or lost weight. All I've really bought since the last move is a new set of work clothes. So how in the hell did I wind up with three Hefty bags of Goodwill donations?

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