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Archive of September, 2003

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[Permalink 2003-09-30] Why Politics Annoys Me

September 30, 2003:

When I get home from work I'm filling out a voter registration card so I can change my affiliation to Democrat. Don't get all excited, this isn't something I want to do. But the pragmatic part of my brain realizes that (a) Bush probably ain't the best man for the job, (b) Being the incumbent, Bush is a virtual lock for the Republican nomination, (c) we therefore need to find a good Democrat -- or at least a not-too-bad Democrat -- to run against Bush and win.

And since I'd like to have a say in the election I'm going to vote in the Democratic primary. I'll make sure I wash really well when I finish.

[Permalink 2003-09-29] Scattershot

September 29, 2003:

None of these really seemed to be worth its own entry.

· The Browns lost to the perennial loser Bengals on Sunday, falling to 1-3. Time for the annual "Wait Till Next Year" speech, I guess.

· How do the other people on the road know when you're trying to hurry home to take a leak? I got stuck behind at least 5 people who were going 5 MPH less than the speed limit, all while my bladder felt like it was going to explode.

· Yet Another Brady Coworker Sighting. At Whole Foods of all places, where I almost never go for food. At this rate I'll wind up randomly meeting up with all my former coworkers within a year.

· In Current Job News, things are still going well at Equitable.

· Actually managed to do some work on the client site this weekend; people could at least log in and change their prefs. If I felt like giving them accounts :)

· Day-um. Checked real quick to see if the Colts kept their lead against the Saints. I'd call 55-21 holding on.

· Just FYI. I'm tired and I'm going to bed now.

[Permalink 2003-09-26] Just a Link

September 26, 2003:

I really do try not to make link-only posts, but this rant about telemarketers is too good to pass up.

[Permalink 2003-09-25] All the News That Ain't For Shit

September 25, 2003:

I've decided to go on the Subway diet.

Well, kinda... I'm eating full sandwiches for lunch instead of halves, and I'm getting cookies instead of Baked Lays. And I'm drinking root beer instead of Diet Pepsi. And I'm only eating there once a week because it's a little more expensive to get a good sandwich like the chicken teriaki. And I'm not doing any exercise beyond the 15-minute walk to get there.

But other than that, it's just like that Jared guy's diet. The pounds will be slipping away in no time. Right.

That's the downside of liking my job. I don't get nearly as much material nowadays.

[Permalink 2003-09-23] If Anyone Needs Me...

September 23, 2003:

...I'll be in Norway.

[Permalink 2003-09-22] Bitching About Football

September 22, 2003: if you don't care, you may want to skip today's entry.

I'm not entirely sure where the problem is with Cleveland; it'd probably be easier to see where the problem isn't. Holcomb is consistently throwing off his back foot, making the ball sail, and is overthrowing and getting intercepted as a result. Things actually improved when he hurt his ankle for some reason. Maybe he realized that starting job may not be his the whole season after all.

Bruce Arians is still calling the same five plays all the time. Oh look, they ran again on first down. Gee, Bruce, they'll never be ready for that. Those last drives that won the game against the 49ers weren't so much good play calling by Arians as they were the offensive line stepping up once in a while and giving Holcomb time to make a throw.

There was one other thing that didn't happen (much) on those scoring drives -- they finally stopped getting penalized. I can't be sure, but I think this offense leads the league in penalties by a pretty big margin. False starts, an illegal substitution (thank you, Arians, you incompetent twit), and holding are a way of life on that offense. Sure these guys are inexperienced, but they teach that shit in junior high. That's just flat-out bad coaching, and it's all squarely on Arians again.

Finally, Butch Davis needs to take some of the blame too. Sure, Holcomb eventually won the game, but how did Davis keep him in that long? Eleven quarters with just one touchdown, less than half of his passes completed and only a handful of first downs? I would've put in Couch in the second half, if for no other reason than to change things up. Given how things turned out, that may not have gotten them a win, but you can't just leave an ineffectual quartberack in there and hope you fall into a victory.

Bah. The Bengals played the Steelers pretty hard this week; I just hope they don't manage to embarass the Browns next Sunday.

[Permalink 2003-09-19] Is it Friday Yet?

September 19, 2003:

Maybe it's the two days (including Friday) that I'm working late to make up for my last dental appointment, but this week has been dragging like nobody's business. Hopfeully Isabel's remains will be out of the area by the time I get off work.

[Permalink 2003-09-18] There's a Party in My Mouth

September 18, 2003:

Got the last 3/4 of that cleaning done last night. Judging by the number of times I got poked in the gums, the lower right side was the worst of the four. Anyway, my teeth should be in good shape now, provided I keep up with the scheduled maintenance.

The only downside is that they want me to come in in three months as a kind of progress check. Ostensibly to make sure that there's nothing wrong after the long period of neglect, but if my experience with the orthodontist is any indicator it's just to bitch at me for not keeping my mouth as immaculate as an operating room.

[Permalink 2003-09-16] Motivation? It's Around Here Somewhere

September 16, 2003:

Blah. Should've worked on the client stuff last night, but didn't. Should've cleaned the apartment then, since I haven't really done that since I moved, but again I didn't. Just sat on my ass. Hell, didn't even bother coming up with an entry :)

[Permalink 2003-09-15] Damn.

September 15, 2003:

Just talked to the landlord recently; I'm not allowed to put up a DirecTV dish. Didn't really think I had a chance anyway; I was just hoping that I'd have a shot at telling the cable company to stick it.

Looks like I get to keep paying $40+ a month for the privelege of viewing Sci-Fi Channel, Cartoon Network and ESPN.

[Permalink 2003-09-12] Good Idea, Except I'm Lazy

September 12, 2003:

Thought about maybe adding Trackback capability to Brain Farts, mostly so I could leave trackbacks on other blogs I read. For most people this just involves filling in a form on Moveable Type (or a handful of other blogging software) but for me it would involve writing new functionality. And given how long this version of the site's been in beta status, I'm sure you can guess how likely that is.

Maybe if I ever get more readers that I have to take off my shoes to count them I'll think about it. In the meantime, eff it.

[Permalink 2003-09-11] Apparently I Like Being Broke

September 11, 2003:

Whenever I feel like I've got too much space on my credit cards, I just go to the dentist. Today was supposed to be simple: A cleaning and some X-rays to make sure I don't have any more root canals in waiting.

But things are never that simple. Owing to the fact that I neglected going to the dentist for about six years, I need a planar-something-or-other cleaning. Basically, they're going to go in with the metal hook and take care of all the flossing I never bothered with. It's done in quadrants (top-left, etc.) and since this wasn't really scheduled they only had time for one today. I go in for the other three next week.

On the upside it doesn't really hurt even now that the topical's worn off, and this should forestall any need to go to the dentist again before my next cleaning, which I'm very sure will be happening well before 2009 -- like next spring. On the down side, I'm going to look funny with one quarter of a healthy mouth for the next few days. And since my teeth are something more like the color they're supposed to be, the stains that are inside my front teeth stand out even more than usual.

Let's see... six months from now, I should have a few hundred dollars available on each credit card... yep, I guess I'll look into getting that taken care of. Wouldn't want to have too little debt now, would I?

[Permalink 2003-09-09] Anything's an Improvement

September 09, 2003:

Went golfing over Labor Day weekend. Had my best round ever (67 over 9 holes) and even managed a bogey on a par-three. Of course the pair of 10s and the pair of 9s pretty much screwed me over score-wise, but it's a step in the right direction. Maybe next year I'll crack 50 (the equivalent of staying in double-digits for a full 18).

[Permalink 2003-09-08] Cell-Phone Aggravations

September 08, 2003:

I was having a problem with my DSL connection and called Verizon for help on my cell phone (I only use the land line for the DSL and don't even have a phone attached to it). While the tech was helping me the damn connection dropped, as it usually does if I'm not pointing the antenna directly out the window. I'm just amazed that I made it for 20 minutes.

Turns out the help he gave me was correct (my router needed to be power-cycled) but I'm still Mightily Annoyed, since if it hadn't worked I'd be looking at another 19-minute hold.

So number-pooling or no, I'm going to get a Verizon phone as soon as I can. Fuck Sprint.

And now I'm really curious why my router was causing the problem but waiting until it hit Qwest's network to do so.

Random note: I said it last year, and I'm saying it already this year: The Browns need to fire their offensive coordinator.

[Permalink 2003-09-05] Blinded with Science

September 05, 2003:

Check it out... they think they might be able to cure type II diabetes and Alzheimer's with gila monster drool.

[Permalink 2003-09-04] The Death of the Fly

September 04, 2003:

A week or two ago, a fly got into my apartment. Nothing major, it was just doing the annoying fly-stuff: Buzzing around while I'm making dinner, landing on the TV screen, that sort of stuff. I went to bed and didn't think about it.

Apparently, this fly liked living dangerously. I woke up at 5:00 in the morning to the sound of a weed-whacker being held over my head. It's amazing, really, how loud a fly can seem when it's right outside your ear. I took a swat at him and he left. OK, back to sleep. Just... driffting... off...


Mumble-grumble-goddamn fly *swat*

I was tired; I didn't hit him. This went on for about an hour. I finally gave up and went to sleep on the couch. I got an hour's worth of sleep. The fly was just resting.


Another half-hour of failed swatting followed by almost drifting off later, I went back to bed. The little bastard finally let me sleep in peace for a couple hours and I woke up at a more normal-like 9:30.

Fast forward a couple hours. I'm cranky because I didn't get a lot of sleep. But I don't really think too much of it because I was kinda groggy when my six-legged invader woke me up.

I take my shower and as I'm standing at the sink I see some movement out the corner of my eye. And then it all comes back to me. And I am filled with murderous rage.

I reach down and grab my old sneakers, still drying out from rafting on the Yough. And I swat the hell out of that fly. Remember the scene from Office Space with the copier in the field? It looked something like that.

But the fly was dead.

And, it would seem, I'm too easily amused.

[Permalink 2003-09-02] As Promised

September 02, 2003:

From the rafting trip:
Me rafting on the Yough

Program notes: I'm working on a story for Thursday; I just haven't had a chance to write it yet.

[Permalink 2003-09-01] Dumb As a Box of Rocks

September 01, 2003:

I helped Htet Htet move some stuff she's watching for a friend over to her place last week. She was feeling sick (sounded like her lunch didn't agree with her) so we decided to go over to the Vietnamese place on Penn so she could get some soup. I hadn't eaten dinner yet, so I was defnitely down with the getting-food idea.

I offer to drive since she's feeling under the weather, and get there with no problem. Parallel-park the car, shut off the engine and grab the keys. *Tug tug* Wha? I know there's no release button for the ignition switch on this car. What da hell's going on?! I try a bunch of different key positions, nothing. Great, I think, her frickin' ignition switch broke while I was driving it. And she just got the thing inspected.

Y'know, there's a small difference between cars with an automatic transmission, like hers, and cars with a manual transmission, like mine. Cars with a manual transmission don't have to be taken out of gear before you remove the keys.

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