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Archive of January, 2004

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[Permalink 2004-01-30] EHS 94

January 30, 2004:

My ten-year high school reunion is coming up this summer. Aside from the quick dose of insta-old it provided ("damn, I graduated 10 years ago?") it's been interesting reading the updates people have been putting on the mailing list.

There are a couple doctors, at least one guy is self-employed (and not in my euphemtistic, "actually unemployed" way, he's making it work). There are a lot of people who are married and/or have kids, some more than one. That last bit is the one that gets me the most -- ignoring the fact that I'm single, there's no way in hell I could raise a kid. Me as a parent would be the stuff of sitcoms. Or CPS visits.

It's amazing, really. Back in '94 I was the guy voted Most Likely to Succeed by my classmates (all those "awards" go to one boy and one girl). And out of the people who've sent out mailings I have the least to show for the last 10 years in any regard. In a way it's frustrating. I know I've blown chances over the years, but now I have concrete proof of just how far I set myself back.

[Permalink 2004-01-29] Catch a Meme and You're Sittin' on Top of the World...

January 29, 2004:

States I've been to

[Permalink 2004-01-27] The City Being Broke Kinda Sucks

January 27, 2004:

It's a simple algorithm, really.

while (streets == coveredInSnow) {

But there's that whole "no money" thing, so the plowing is being done by the traffic instead. You know those cars on a rail they have at Cedar Point or [your favorite amusement park here]? That's what my Civic does when it's like this. Kinda fun in a way, but really annoying if I need to make a turn not many people have done yet.

[Permalink 2004-01-26] Keeping Resolutions is Hard

January 26, 2004:

Granted it's just a comic, but this issue of Penny Arcade sums up my attempts to stop cursing extremely well.

[Permalink 2004-01-23] Happy New Year

January 23, 2004:

Yesterday was the Chinese New Year, beginning the Year of the Monkey. If you want you can look up what year you were born in and play the astrology game, but I'll just mention that the year is appropriate, given the amount of poop-flinging going on in the Democratic primary races.

[Permalink 2004-01-22] That's... Interesting

January 22, 2004:

Well, apparently the stress of the primary season is having an effect on Howard Dean. Now I'll grant this is the National Review, and thus not unbiased by any stretch, but it's the only article I could find when I looked. (This is a little better: Here's an article on CNN about it, with a picture of Dean, and another from the Washington Post in which he explains his "explosive" concession speech. Apparently he wasn't unhinged like some thought, but he was definitely on the hyper side. Too much coffee before the flight to New Hampshire?) There's also a 13-second clip in MP3 format on the Drudge Report that seems a little odd with what little context it has. To anyone who's been following the lead-in to the primaries: Did Dean always sound like a pro wrestler?

(More link fun. There's this video on CSPAN's site -- look for "Howard Dean Reaction to Iowa Caucus Results"; it may be on the next page -- but Mozilla doesn't like it. Heard it runs about 20 minutes, though, so it's probably the whole speech. And here's the remix. Good, clean fun :) )

[Permalink 2004-01-20] Eating Away at My Faith in Humanity

January 20, 2004:

I can't come up with anything to say about this that would be more hilarious than just going to the page.

And by "hilarious" I, of course, mean "pitiful."

[Permalink 2004-01-19] Is it cold in here...

January 19, 2004:

Good: Eskimoes are genetically more resistant to cold, and age more slowly than everyone else.

Bad: They live in the middle of one of the most desolate expanses on the face of the earth.

[Permalink 2004-01-16] Meta-Dreaming

January 16, 2004:

Had a run-of-the-mill nightmare a couple nights ago and woke up with a start. Except I wasn't really awake, unless I'd somehow been teleported to a house I haven't lived in since 1991. I walked around in the "outer dream" doing normal dream-stuff that made perfect sense at the time, like usual, then woke up more normally to the real world a few minutes before my alarm went off.

Dreaming that I'm dreaming. Is that a sign of creativity or something, or am I just going schizo?

[Permalink 2004-01-15] Driving Notes

January 15, 2004:

I've come to have a very strong dislike of the Port Authority since I got my own car about four years ago. Stuff that I used to like when I was riding the bus has now turned into annoyance when I have to share the road with them. And a lot more people drive than ride (as evidenced by the pathetic state PAT is in) so I think I'm in the right now.

For starters, that "don't block the box" rule applise to buses every bit as much as cars. I really wish the cops who get paid (probably overtime) to foul up the traffic lights during rush hour would ticket those asshole drivers who cut off all the traffic in one direction and the turn lane and half the through traffic in the other.

Also, there's no need for the bus to stop every single fricking block. Yes, I know it rains here, and it gets cold in the winter. People can handle walking a block to catch a bus. They won't succumb to the elements in the time it takes to walk 200 feet.

Finally, there's the size of the buses compared to the streets. Pittsburgh is an old city (for the US anyway), clocking in at about 200 years old.A full-length bus just can't turn from a two-lane street onto a two-lane street easily, even if the other drivers stay behind the "stop here" line on the road.

Now, I know that in theory buses solve more traffic problems than they create. I just think it's BS, and the long line of cars behind me as I followed a 77D down Friendship Ave. last night would appear to support my hypothesis. For more backup, I present the 64A that started a left turn at the end of a light, then took the entirety of the green light in the other direction to complete the turn.

Basically, I can't wait for the Port Authority to go bankrupt. That'll get their monstrosities off the roads, leaving the way clear for people who drive. And since most of the people who work downtown live in the suburbs anyway, there won't be much more traffic on the city streets. With more cars coming in to town, maybe (just maybe) the city would drop its parking tax from 50%.

(No, that's not a typo. Come July, half the money you pay to park here goes straight into the city's coffers.)

Anyway, to get back to the point, I just want the damn things out of my way.

[Permalink 2004-01-13] Crap.

January 13, 2004:

Had something rattling around inside my head, but got a phone call. Whatever it was, it's gone now. Come back Thursday, by which time I may have remembered it.

[Permalink 2004-01-12] New Toy

January 12, 2004:

Office Max had shredders on sale for $2.00. So now I own a shredder. Promptly filled shredder basket with credit card statements from 1999 and 2000. Apparently I don't clean out my files often enough.

[Permalink 2004-01-09] Physiology Question

January 09, 2004:

I'm pretty sure this was part of a comedian's routine somewhere along the line -- I think it might've been George Carlin -- but I just re-noticed it a few minutes ago: Why does the body have to stop peeing for a split-second in order to sneeze?

[Permalink 2004-01-08] Apropos of nothing

January 08, 2004:

Soldering can be kinda fun, especially if you get it right the first time and don't burn yourself. Futzing around with a car stereo in the dark in 20-degree weather, on the other hand, is not. But now I can actually control mundane aspects of my car-music experience, like volume, source, and whether the thing is on or off. Much better, really.

[Permalink 2004-01-06] Hmm...

January 06, 2004:

NASA's latest Mars rover landed successfully and is currently undergoing systems checks before it begins its mission. Before sending their machine wandering around its surroundings the NASA engineers played "Good Morning, Good Morning" by the Beatles. Makes me wonder if there are any Sig Taus working for NASA...

[Permalink 2004-01-05] Christmas Completion

January 05, 2004:

Among my Christmas presents were a duplicate DVD and a Barnes & Noble gift card. So I got to have my own little mini-Xmas last week.

From the DVD I got myself the Animal House Double Secret Edition and the Blues Brothers (the original one, not the craptastic sequel) as a combo pack.

The gift card got me most of the way toward The Silmarillion, which seemed like a natural follow-up to having read Lord of the Rings.

That's the nice thing about gift cards: I'm all but guaranteed to like what I get.

[Permalink 2004-01-02] Ringin' in the New Year

January 02, 2004:

Went to the Den at about 10:00, had four pints of OG and a little bit of champagne, and some pork and sauerkraut. Then went home and slept until 1:00 in the afternoon. Drove down to Washington, PA, at about 5 to play Uno with Rob, Allison and Adam, and topped it all off with a trip to Denny's for dinner.

I'm a wild man, I tell ya.

[Permalink 2004-01-01] The cosmic odometer turns over yet again

January 01, 2004:

Happy new year, everyone. Remember, the best cure for hangover is aspirin and Gatorade. Failing that, hair of the dog is always a good bet.

Remember: Don't drink and drive. Because when you drink and drive, you spill your drink.

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