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Archive of April, 2004

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[Permalink 2004-04-30] Too Good to Pass Up

April 30, 2004:

All right, I usually don't post LiveJournally stuff here, but I really like this one. I think it'd be well worth the jail time :)

Your Homocidal Rampage! by crash_and_burn
Your name:
Weapon of Choice:Shovel
Your Favorite Target:Nuns
Your Kill Count:1,095,335,619
Your Battle Cry:"Mutha fuckaaaaaaas!"
Years You Spend in Jail:31
How Much Money In Damages You Cause:$3,995,645,793,990
Your Homocidal Insanity Level: 84%
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

All of you better practice saying "he was always so quiet" for when you're on the news.

[Permalink 2004-04-29] Small Milestones

April 29, 2004:

I'm now closer to 190 pounds than I am to 200. So I can start rounding off again :)

Cinched up the belt one more hole; I've now lost at least 2" inches off my waist.

After saying for two weeks that I was going to start running, I finally started running Monday night. I'm going to try to go three times a week (Mon-Thu-Sat is what I'm currently thinking). Hopefully that'll start having an effect before too long.

[Permalink 2004-04-27] Thinking Ahead

April 27, 2004:

Got stuck behind a gimp-mobile turning from Neville onto Fifth today. When I pulled into the lane the guy had his four-ways on. No problem, think I, he's just picking up a senior citizen and will be on his way soon. Then the light changes. No big deal, I wasn't making that one anyway.

Then he gets out of the van/bus/thing and helps a woman in a motorized wheelchair into the vehicle. This takes another two lights, and the whole time I'm pulled up too close to the van-thing to go around without backing up first. I finally got around the guy on the fourth light, he was still sitting there.

Now look, before I start sounding like more of an asshole than usual: I'm cool with the gimp-mobile. If I'm ever confined to a wheelchair I'll even make use of one. And I know there's a lot that needs to be done to get a person in a wheelchair secured properly. No biggie.

But there's a four-lane driveway right where the van was stopped! The woman in the wheelchair rolled up the damn thing! If the twit driving had the basic sense to just pull off the frickin' road there would have been no traffic problems (well, beyond the usual, anyway) and I wouldn't have been late for work. But apparently the driver has all the common sense of a lima bean, so I crept in late. Not by much, mind you, but I still don't like being late for things.

And to prove what a nice guy I am, I didn't even lay on the horn as I (finally) passed the guy, even thought I really wanted to.

[Permalink 2004-04-26] I Really Hate People Sometimes

April 26, 2004:

(Got this link from Tristan's blog, since I usually read CNN instead of the Times.)

So, what happens to a group of people who go to a war zone, trying to help the civilian population, get taken hostage, and are released? Most coutries would welcome them back with open arms. After all, it's one thing to send a squad of Marines to a place. Volunteering to go without so much as a pistol or backup is a lot different.

It's also foolhardy, depending on one's point of view, but I don't know too many people who would find a whole lot of fault in trying. Well, what if they're Japanese? They get blamed by the government for causing trouble, and shunned from society to the point that they're saying that having a gun waved in their face wasn't so bad, because it only lasted a few minutes.

So here's my little open letter to

Dear Japanese people,

Please stop being complete and utter fucktards to the people among you who aren't cowards, who were willing to put themselves in harm's way for what they believe in, and were captured and imprisoned as a result. This does not make you look good.

Thank you.

[Permalink 2004-04-23] Er, Whoops

April 23, 2004:

Yesterday I spent a little too much time snooze-tagging. I realized just after punching the button one last time that I really needed to get up and start the day. Not wanting to wait for 7 minutes or have the thing going off the whole time I was showering, I just shut off the alarm. That's no big deal; I do it from time to time and I always remember to turn the alarm back on that night.

Well, almost always. I woke up this morning at 8:20 or so, decided that I didn't have much to do this weekend, and rolled back over to go back to sleep. Then part of my brain (hopefully the part that thought shutting off the alarm was a good idea, trying to redeem itself) pointed out that it is, in fact, Friday, not Saturday.

I learned something today. It takes me at least 45 minutes to shower, shave and drive to work.

Edit: Needed to change the title; I wound up going in a different direction with the story and the two didn't match any more.

[Permalink 2004-04-22] One for the Price of Twelve

April 22, 2004:

Current music: Nickelback - How You Remind Me of Someday

There's probably been some selective mixing and looping in this, but I'm trying to avoid becoming an expert on Nickelback's music so I can't say for sure. Anyway, this MP3 plays "Someday" on the left speaker and "How You Remind Me" on the right. It's impressive how alike they sound.

I'd like to give credit where it's due, but I can't remember where I grabbed it from now. Anyway, if you like this junk you can rest assured that if you've heard one of their songs you really have heard them all.

[Permalink 2004-04-20] Outpacing Sci-Fi Yet Again

April 20, 2004:

Now they have communicators about the size of the ones from the Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager series. They're apparently very useful in hospitals for tracking down doctors.

Of course, it's the BBC, so that means it's useful in British hospitals. I can't imagine these things taking on in the States, especially after the first time a doctor's chest starts talking to him on the golf course.

[Permalink 2004-04-19] Carnival

April 19, 2004:

I didn't do much this year, since I spent Friday night and a large portion of Saturday with the spare (donut) tire on my car.* Finally got to Sig Tau at about 5:30, checked out the midway before it closed, then went to dinner at My Thai in Shadyside. Good, but expensive.

Anyway, the guys got a little over-ambitious with the booth this year, trying to build a two-story structure (Wallace and Grommit's house) and a game that looks like an even-more-complicated life-sized version of Mouse Trap. (And it worked almost as well.) They took fifth place, the top three get trophies. Thus, they were the second-best also-ran. I heard from a couple people that they don't think they can win with a single-story booth, but we've demostrated many times over the years that we can't win when we bite off more than we can chew, either.

Heh. "We". I haven't touched a booth since 1999. I don't think I get to use "we" any more.

After that I stayed at the party long enough for "Piano Man", then my antisocial-ness trumped my desire to see everyone and I went home. Had dinner at Silky's with Tristan Sunday night and that was it. I don't mind that I missed everything, really. I've realized over the last couple years that I'm really getting sick of doing this every year. If I'm in DC (like I'm planning) this time next year I think I'll just skip it. Taking one year off out of 10 doesn't seem like too big of a loss.

* OK, quick addendum on the spare tire. I spent last winter slipping and sliding all over the road, then noticed last week that my front right wasn't holding air very well. I decided to go in Saturday and get a new set put on. Friday on the way home from work I got to hear that wonderful "thwupthwupthwupthwup" noise and pulled onto an Ellsworth sidewalk to change the tire. Then proceeded to kick the shit out of the wheel until it loosened (it had been a while since I had the tires rotated). Anyway, I got it to NTB Saturday and here are the results of the tread-depth measurement. You need 2/32" to pass inspection.
FL: 1/32"
FR: (blown)
BL: 1/32"
BR: 3/32"
So yeah, new tires were a good idea.

[Permalink 2004-04-16] Well That's Fuckin' Cool

April 16, 2004:

Just saw a link to this Slashdot article about a chemical that's very water-like, but doesn't wet things or damage electronics.

Maybe when I get my new machine I'll try clocking it up to 10 GHz and just dunk it in the stuff.

[Permalink 2004-04-15] Geeky Question

April 15, 2004:

This isn't really a big deal, since a CD changer will loop through all its discs anyway, but it does have a tiny effect on which CDs are where in the physical changer cartridge. Should disc 0 be at the bottom of the cartridge before disc 1, thus making the changer zero-indexed (or just because 0 < 1) or should it be at the top after disc 9, because it's obviously supposed to be disc 10?

[Permalink 2004-04-13] Something Like a PSA

April 13, 2004:

Always make sure your fuel gauge works.

(Yeah, it's more than 20 years old. It's the first I'd ever heard of it. You can also see a picture of the plane post-landing, and the CBC report a few days later.)

[Permalink 2004-04-12] Par for the Curse

April 12, 2004:

Saturday was actually sunny and (kinda) warm, so the usual crew in Akron went golfing. I picked up a little short of where I left off last year -- I only had one good drive, and it was with a 3-wood from where my tee shot only went about 35 yards. I was more consistent, though, and managed a 67 over 9 holes. And yes, there was some swearing going on. I mean, what better way to celebrate the resurrection of the lord and savior than by taking his name in vain a few times?

Ohh, I'm gonna burn for that one. Oh, wait... no I'm not :)

[Permalink 2004-04-09] Why's It Called Good Friday?

April 09, 2004:

'Cause we get a day off, and that's good.

I'll be back Monday.

[Permalink 2004-04-08] It Ain't the Starship Enterprise, But It's a Start

April 08, 2004:

To borrow a theme from one of the blogs I read, it would appear that the Navy has, in fact, made it to the future.

[Permalink 2004-04-06] The Homestretch

April 06, 2004:

Just finished the largest chunk of work for the second freelance project last night (the first, thankfully, is on hiatus between phases I and II right now). The deadline's still tight since it needs to be in place and running by the 20th but it actually feels like an attainable goal instead of a what-did-I-get-myself-into quagmire. I even managed to throw in a gratuitous JavaScript effect last night :)

[Permalink 2004-04-05] "Riiiiight... What's a Cubit?"

April 05, 2004:

Ahh, spring in Pittsburgh.

Rain, rain, and more rain.

Remind me again why I still live here?

[Permalink 2004-04-02] Don't trust movie recommendations from people you don't know

April 02, 2004:

Well, maybe this one's my fault, really. I may be looking for a movie that's impossible to make. Anyway, on one of the Web forums I read regularly someone mentioned a Japanese slasher/horror flick that wasn't quite as over-the-top as American stuff. I checked Netflix, and there it was. Cool.

Then I finally got around to watching it last night. Ugh. Yeah, it wasn't over the top. In fact, it wasn't a horror movie at all, and aside from a couple scenes didn't count as a slasher movie, either. All in all, it was just lame. So I came into work today to check it out online, and guess what nearly every review has to say about it: It's boring.

Wish I'd thought to do that before I wasted 90 minutes waiting for it to get better.

[Permalink 2004-04-01] North Side, South Side

April 01, 2004:

Today I have to haul the contents of my cube out to the South Side ("Region A"). My boss has been put in charge of three guys over there, since their boss is leaving on disability, so he's transferring over. It's easier to make room for me there than for three people over here, so off I go.

Region A doesn't look too good; it's in what appears to be an old warehouse, and the company's been trying to sell the building for a couple years now. The cubes there are a bit smaller than the one I'm currently in, but I don't have a lot of stuff anyway so it's not a big deal. It's a good thing I'm not claustrophobic though. A big upside of the move is the parking. Instead of paying $5.25 a day here (and that's after the value-card discount), parking there is free for a monthly savings of $100-$115. I'll also have a couple other programmers there to ping when I need help, and that's always nice.

And since it's on the South Side, there will be plenty of restaurants to tempt me away from my diet look into for occasional Atkins-friendly meals.

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