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[Permalink 2005-12-29] Well, It Has Been a Couple Years Since I Reinstalled Windows...

December 29, 2005:

My coworker's girlfriend managed to bork her computer pretty good a few days ago. She has an old system, running Windows 95, and doesn't have a CD to do a restore from.

I have an old copy of Windows 98 sitting around, and I offered it to my coworker to see if he could get it to install on her machine. To be on the safe side I started making a copy of the disc.

Nero crashed and burned before the process was complete, and wedged the system so bad I had to do a cold reboot. That was annoying.

When the OS loaded, I popped a new blank disc into the drive and waited for Nero to auto-load. It didn't, so I cranked it up manually. My copy options were gone; the only thing I could do was "copy" to the image creator. A check of My Computer showed that the system was only seeing the C drive.

Thinking that the hard reboot had confused it, I had Windows restart itself. Nothing.

In the device manager I got an error 31 for both the DVD-ROM and the DVD+RW, which means that Windows couldn't load the drivers for some reason. All right, I decided, I'll just reinstall the drives.

Another reboot later and the system auto-detects my plug-and-pray drives and installs them. I have to reboot for the system settings changes to take effect, it says.

All right, reboot the thing again, and... nothing. Well, I've done just about everything I can think of (physically removing and replacing the drives shouldn't be any different that Windows uninstalling them, so I haven't done that yet).

Time to hit up Google. Wading through the noise, I see a registry twiddle that Microsoft recommends if uninstalling EZ CD Creator has hosed your machine. This isn't exactly what happened to me, but it's close in the general sense ("burning software hosed my system") so I figure it's worth a try. Wipe out the two registry keys and reboot.

Reinstall drives (again) and reboot (again).

Still nothing.

At this point I decide not to perform surgery on my computer just now, under the heading of "fuck this". All I'm using the DVD drives for is weekly backups, and I won't shed too many tears if a drive crash wipes out the latest additions to my pr0n collection.

But I'll probably try it tomorrow just to see if it works. The only thing left after that is booting from the W2K CD and reinstalling the system, then reinstalling four service packs. Which basically means I'm in for the day on New Year's Eve, fucking with my system when I really ought to be trying to find a party to attend.

I'm starting to see why the main character from Office Space decided to go into construction...

[Permalink 2005-12-28] Updates

December 28, 2005:

· As a follow-up to last week's troubles, I must say that Prevacid is a truly wonderful drug. I take one pill first thing in the morning and I don't have to worry about anything all day. Monday night I even had a snack right before I went to bed and stayed up waiting for the heartburn to come. It never did. For the non-acid-reflux-having people, I cannot begin to describe how incredible this is -- I don't have to worry about what I eat or when I eat it. That almost-daily burning sensation in my chest just isn't there. Sure it costs a buck a pill but even if nothing else happens, that alone is worth it.

· I've got a bunch of pictures in the camera-phone that I haven't gotten around to uploading yet. The housing development across the street, the Steelers practice session that I watched on Christmas Eve, and the upcoming Christmas Loot pictures are all on their way. I just have to find the time to get everything imported and Photoshopped properly.

· The boss is out all week. Let the slacking off begin :)

· Got my Christmas bonus when I got to work Tuesday. Not as much as I would have wanted, but I'm not sure that winning the lottery would satiate my greed. After all, I can think of a lot of things I'd like to buy, and most of them aren't exactly cheap.

· And since I forgot to set up the system to update on a Sunday, a Merry Belated Christmas to my loyal readers, howver many of you are left. I'd send you Christmas cards thanking you for reading all this drivel, but that would require actual effort :)

[Permalink 2005-12-23] Casting the Ether Into the Car

December 23, 2005:

My car can make it from Centreville to Akron on a single tank of gas.

What it can't do is make it from work, to home, back to work, to the chiropractor, home again, a round trip to Fair Oaks Hospital, and then all the way from Centreville to Akron.

It almost made it though; the poor thing finally got sick of running on fumes about three miles from the exit where I was going to gas up before driving the last mile to my mother and stepfather's house.

Luckily, Jim was able to bring a couple gallons of gas and a can of ether out to meet me on the side of I-77. After gassing up a little bit, I tried to crank the engine. It got spark, but wouldn't keep running. A quick dose of ether into the air intake provided enough boom to help draw the fuel through the line. After that I gassed up where I'd been planning on going anyway.

Which should leave me plenty of gas to get to and from the football game on Saturday...

[Permalink 2005-12-22] Son of "The Roast Beef Incident"

December 22, 2005:

Well, it took eight years, but the combination of a hiatal hernia and my acid-reflux disease have finally come for me again.

I have a piece of low-quality TV dinner sitting at the very bottom of my esophagus, where it has no desire to either travel the last half-inch or make the return trip. This is only a problem if I plan on eating or drinking anything ever again.

At the moment, my body's producing quite a bit of post-nasal drip. I have no idea whether this is because it's trying to lube of that chunk of food or if it's in response to the irritation at the bottom of my throat. All I know is that I'm coughing up a serious loogie every couple minutes, which is making this entry a little annoying to type. It's also why I haven't driven myself to the emergency room yet, since I don't want to pull over every couple blocks to expectorate.

I also have a feeling that since they'll have to give me painkillers to go in and retrieve the bloackage they won't be too keen on letting me leave, and I still have to pack for the drive home tomorrow. Hopefully by the time I finish that, whatever decided to make me the Mucous King will have given up and I'll be able to drive the 1.3 miles in relative peace.

Updates as they occur, though they probably won't be good dinner conversation.

Update, 22 Dec, 8:31 AM: Well, I'm back. Since they gave me a little Valium to try to relax the throat muscles I wasn't allowed to drive myself home (big thanks to Evan for getting me on the way to work). This restriction lasts for 24 hours, which would be 2:00 tonight. Thus I'm calling a cab at noon to go over to the hospital and pick up my car so I can drive to Akron. Valium's a fast-acting drug; it's been out of my system for hours now. It's just a CYA overkill on the hospital's part.

And I have pictures from the endoscope this time. I'll scan them once I'm in Akron.

Update, 9:02 PM: I'll scan the pictures tomorrow if I have a chance -- I may have to fix my stepmother's computer -- but for now I'll just say that:

  1. Sleeping (or trying to sleep) in a hospital bed sucks
  2. Sleeping with an IV hookup stuck in your arm sucks, because you can't roll over
  3. That six-hour drive from Centreville to Akron is long when you only got four hours' sleep the night before.

More about my super-fun long weekend tomorrow.

[Permalink 2005-12-15] Getting My Money's Worth Out of the Dining Room

December 15, 2005:

For the first time since I bought it -- way back when I moved into my Greenfield apartment -- I actually used my dining room table for something.

I wrapped Christmas presents on it.

[Permalink 2005-12-13] Good Lord I'm Out Of Shape

December 13, 2005:

I went bowling over the weekend, for the first time in about five years. Maybe six. Let's just say it's been a while.

I actually did really well, all things considered: I rolled a 185 and a 172. Pissed off all the non-bowlers by tripling up their scores.

Then Sunday rolled around and I realized just how flabby and disgusting I am. My right forearm was worn out from holding onto the bowling ball, and my left quad was sore, apparently from the slide at the end of the approach.

I was sore the day after bowling. Just frickin' shoot me now.

[Permalink 2005-12-05] Obligatory Bitching About Football

December 05, 2005:

Let me start by saying that overall I'm happy with how Charlie Frye handled his first start. He made some dumb rookie mistakes -- mostly holding the ball too long -- but since he's a rookie I can deal with that. He's a great deal more accurate than Dilfer and he seems to make better use of his receivers.

No, my problem with the Browns is their play calling. Offensive coordinator Maurice Carthon understandably wanted to go with the run to keep pressure off Frye, but he went to the well too often. The Jags figured out that Drougns was going to be carrying the ball a lot (more than 20 touches in the first half) and started stacking the line. The Browns found some balance late in the first half, though, and went into halftime leading 14-3.

Then they threw it all away. It was apparent early on that they made no adjustments at the half, and that the Jaguars did. Of course, that's why the Jags are now 9-3 and the Browns are not. After a chicken-shit offensive pass-interference call effectively killed a Browns drive, you could see that everyone gave up. More on that in a second.

And now for an entry you'll probably see in TMQ's article tomorrow:

Why are you punting?
Trailing by six with just under three minutes to go, the Cleveland Browns (release 3.0) faced fourth-and-seven in their own end. This is obviously four-down territory, since Jacksonville can easily run out the clock when they get the ball, so you're going to go for it, right? Boom goes the punt. You're 4-7, down by less than a touchdown and playing at home; why are you punting? And now you are 4-8.

Seriously, though... I don't know if it's Carthon or head coach Romeo Crennel, but someone on that sideline seriously needs to grow some balls. They went for it on fourth-and-one early in the game and failed (a draw play on fourth-and-one?!) but they chickened out when it really counted.

Edit, Tuesday afternoon: Well, TMQ proved me wrong. Nothing about the punt that gave away the game, but he did mention the pooch-punt that Dawson launched from the Jags' 29 earlier in the game.

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