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[Permalink 2007-04-23] 0-for-3

April 23, 2007:

Maybe it's the increasing daylight hours making me feel energized, or maybe I just got sick of being a whiny little bitch all the time. But I tried to change some things the last couple weeks. I actually asked two different girls out. (Why am I 0-for-3, then? You'll see.)

First was on the Friday of my vacation. As we're heading for the parking-deck elevator at Vienna station, a girl comes running over to the elevator. I hold the door for her, and all of us chat a bit on the way down to ground level.

That night we got back from DC at about 8:00. We saw the same girl, who remembered us because I held the elevator for her. She had to travel unexpectedly, and had tickets to some kind of ice-skating tournament of champions or some such, and asked if we wanted the tickets.

Nice of her, but we already had plans for Saturday and watching skating wasn't one of them. We chatted some more as we all walked back to the parking garage and since she remembered me from something like 11 hours ago, and it was something positive, I asked for her number.

She's engaged, she says. Given that the not-interested drop-number is usually "boyfriend" and not "fiance" I'm going to believe her on that. 0-for-1.

Last week, I met up with a girl I've known for quite a while who'd recently ended a relationship. Yeah, yeah, I know: Ladder Theory. I've got to give it a shot though: I asked her if she thought it was worth seeing if anything else could be there, and failed the ladder jump. Not much time in the Abyss, however, since I actually feel better knowing -- positive or negative -- than I would sitting around wondering what-if. But still, 0-for-2.

The third actually starts before the first. At the Bull Run Manassas battlefield on Thursday, there was a cute blonde girl (park ranger?) behind the desk. We all chatted as we walked past. She seemed nice enough, but I wasn't really feeling the need to get my mack on with Mom and Jim standing 5 feet away. Well, that and I was having one of my lower-than-usual self-esteem days.

I was informed, after the trip to Arlington National Cemetery was over, that I was a lunkhead for not getting that girl's number. (Hey, where did you all think I got that brutal honesty thing from?) So I decided to go back the next Thursday (dunno what work schedules are like there, and "same time every week" seemed as good as any) and see if she was there, and try some belated phone-number-getting.

Except that she wasn't there when I went in to peruse the gift shop/bookstore. After spending enough time in there for her to come off a break, I walked back through the lobby and... still nothing.

0-for-3, I guess, though you could argue that I simply fouled off the last one instead of striking out. (OK, OK, baseball analogy over.) I don't see any harm in trying again this week, and I may actually have some time to do so.

Should I get her number, I'll be torn between the need to blog about it (I said I was done being a whiny bitch, not done being an attention whore) and worrying myself stupid that any girl in this day and age will Google any guy she gives her number to. Of course, if she reads the old stuff I'm doomed anyway, so I might as well scream from the hills that I did something absolutely normal for once.

[Permalink 2007-04-16] It's In the Blood

April 16, 2007:

When I ordered a calendar from J-List a while back I was put on their mailing list. Every day or three, I get an e-mail with observations about Japanese culture as seen by the (white) owner of the business. Usually they're trivial things, sometimes they cover big problems like bullying in schools (worse, in some ways, than in the States), and sometimes they have something that applies to me, half a world away from J-List's headquarters in Gunma Prefecture.

Today's e-mail was one of the latter:

Historically, the Japanese have placed a great store in what blood type a person is, and some (admittedly silly) people adhere to the belief that the shape and antigen type of your red blood cells can determine your personality. Supposedly, type A folks are straight-laced, serious about everything, very organized, like Felix from The Odd Couple if you're old enough to know what I'm talking about; type B are "my pace," e.g. they go at their own pace, live in their own world, quickly get bored with things that don't interest them, and speak their minds to a fault; type O are very bold, hate to lose and have good leadership skills; and AB people are often so smart they look strange to everyone else.

My blood type? AB-positive. (Universal recipient, yay.) Well, I'm not so sure about the first part of what my blood type says about me, but I'd say the second half is pretty much on the mark :)

[Permalink 2007-04-06] Ah, Man

April 06, 2007:

My mom and stepfather are coming into town next week for a visit. We're going to do all teh tourist stuff: See the museums, walk the Mall, go to Mount Vernon, etc. I'm taking the week off work for the first time... well, pretty much ever, really. Definitely the longest time since I started working here. Should be fun. Then I remembered something.

My mom's going to see the inside of my apartment. My mom, who vacuums often enough that people can't tell the difference between "before" and "after". My mom, who would be only moderately upset if we were to beat any annoying neighbors to death, but would never forgive us if we tracked in so much as a drop of said neighbor's blood. In my apartment, which hasn't gotten anything more than a tidying up in months.

I'm gonna have to clean.

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