Super Bowl 39

February 10, 2005

Good God that was a horrible game. If someone had told me two weeks ago that the game would be decided by a field goal but I'd want to shut it off by the end of the first quarter I'd have thought they were out of their mind.

Neither quarterback looked ready and made a bunch of bad throws; McNabb was the worse of the two. Both teams took turns making the opposing defense look good. When Philly went 3-and-out for the second time I declared the game over -- the only way to beat New England is to jump on them early and the Eagles weren't doing it. The Pats ran almost at will, something even the Browns could have told them would work against Philadelphia's D.

So, yeah. 24-21. Yay for the Pats, whatever. All I know is that I heard the word "dynasty" at least a dozen times during the last minute and the post-game show, and I agree with Dallas: We need to find a way to instantly punish sportscasters who use that word.

OK, on to the commercials. Pretty weak crop this year. Bud Light's skydiving ad was good, as was the Puff Daddy/Diet Pepsi ad. Got kind of tired of seeing it the third or fourth time it was on, though. The working-with-monkeys ads were funny (monkeys are always funny), but I couldn't tell you what job-hunting site the ads were for.

And now the craptacular ones. The frozen guy in the Mustang? Didn't get funny with repeated viewing. The bikers being intimidated by the SUVs? Blah. And look, it's MC Hammer and he's got bills to pay by the look of things.

I don't know what's worse: That there's no football for six months now, or that the season went out on that pathetic little whimper.

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