I Gotta Start Waking Up Earlier

February 15, 2005

Last week I got a phone call about a freelance project I'm working on. The call came at about 10:00AM. I tried to shake out the cobwebs as best as I could and was able to be at least marginally helpful.

Monday I got another call at 10 in the morning. Lucky me, I checked the caller ID on the phone and saw it wasn't a number I knew. It was a company in Rockville, MD that I sent a resume to a week or so ago. I'd actually written them off when I followed up and had to leave a voicemail in the general box.

Good thing I was able to snap out of it pretty quickly this time; looking at the e-mail I received, I was talking to the company president. I think I made an OK impression. I sent my references, so hopefully I'll be hearing back from them at some point.

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