Some Data Miner's Gonna Be Confused

February 18, 2005

I went through a period of a few months when I didn't watch any of the movies in my Netflix queue. I finally got around to watching Donnie Darko, which arrived sometime around November 4th. I wasn't impressed. In fact, I did the skipping-through-hoping-to-find-a-good-part thing. I wound up rating it two stars out of five, just because it was completely weird. Wouldn't watch it again, though.

Someone's gonna be really confused if they go through my rental history and see that I hung on to a bad movie for more than a quarter of a year. Should they ever bother asking me what's up with that, should I give them the boring truth, tell them it fell behind my entertainment center, or say that the movie was so bad I was holding onto it so no other unsuspecting soul would have to watch it?

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