March 1, 2005

There hasn't really been a lot going on lately. I've had a couple freelance projects, but those tend to come and go quickly. A burst of activity for a couple days, then back to the normal "routine". I've taken up walking whenever I have to go someplace, on the hope that I get some badly-needed exercise. It also helps to pass the time when it takes close to two hours to go to the library and back.

I'm trying to stay busy, finding problems to solve just to keep myself sharp (or at least as sharp as I usually am). I've started keeping track of my calendar in Sunbird since I won't install Outlook on my home computer. It keeps its data in a .ics file, which I think is something like a standard for that kind of thing. I'm pretty sure iCal uses it too. Anyway, I took a shot at using a PHP script to convert it to HTML. I've got my list displaying now.

Depending on how Sunbird is set up, I could export the data file automatically (I'm pretty sure it can do that), make changes via a Web form, then re-import the data (I'm not too sure about that one). So I could potentially make changes to my calendar from anywhere and have everything stay synchronized.

Assuming, of course, that I ever go anywhere.

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