Making My Life Difficult

March 4, 2005

All right, I'm trying to eat healthier. Well, as healthy as I can while still being as cheap as possible. There's no candy of any kind in the apartment (well, I bought a couple March of Dimes candy bars at the bank today, but other than that, nothing since January 1).

I also watch a lot of TV these days. I have a couple Netflix movies, but I'm not really in the mood for a movie. So, since there's nothing on I'm watching a show on Food Network called Unwrapped. Today's episode is about classic candies, with two of my favorites leading off the show: Boston Baked Beans and root beer barrels. They're also talking about one of the oldest candy bars made, the Clark bar.

It's like the network execs are going out of their way to fuck with me.

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