Sweet Dreams Sure As Hell Ain't Made of This

March 11, 2005

I've been having some pretty weird dreams lately. Well, I've been having weird ones that I can remember; maybe they're all strange.

One night I dreamt three times in the span of two hours that someone had broken into my apartment. Oddly enough, the front door didn't unlock itself at 3 in the morning. I checked anyway, though. The second and third dreams actually referred back to the ones before them; when the intruders entered I actually thought, "again?"

The one I had a couple nights later was even farther out. I was moving back into the Negley Ave. apartment, presumably because I hadn't found a job but opted to not return to Akron. Some things had changed (or, more accurately, were conflated in the dream). The door to my apartment was like the front door to the house really is -- I could see people coming and going, and they could see me, through the poorly-fitting plexiglass "windows".

The basement door to the apartment -- remember, it was the only one in the building that spanned two floors -- was no longer an interior door. It was almost like a wooden gate with a sliding lock. (I think my brain may have inserted the basement bathroom "door" from the Beechwood house.) Anyway, in order to secure that door I needed the combination lock that I threw away after high school because it no longer locked.

Yeah, the psychological messages there aren't really hard to pin down.

For some reason I moved in through the basement this time, even though that would have involved going around the back of the house and hauling all my living room things up the stairs. (I even went as far in the dream as to wonder when I'd packed everything, but apparently I decided to drop that line of reasoning.)

All right, maybe that just means I'd see moving back in as a failure. Perhaps my brain used that as a stand-in for moving back home?

I also flipped out on a couple of people who entered the apartment with no notice to make repairs. (Look! People breaking in again!) The odd thing about that, of course, is that my brain would have nothing to go on as far as JJ Land making repairs; in keeping with reality I should have imagined a missed appointment to make a repair. This was apparently my first full day in the apartment, since I remember thinking to myself, what a way to start a lease.

And for the Captain Random portion of the program, the girl in charge of dealing with the unannounced-workers problem was a Zeta (or at least a Zeta alum). She didn't look familiar at all, I think my brain just made her up out of thin air.

Saturday night I went back to not remembering any of the dreams I had. Why can't I ever remember the cool ones?

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