The Plan

March 15, 2005

OK, here's how things seem to be headed as of Saturday afternoon.

Saturday, 3/12

Return to Pittsburgh.
Unpack, re-pack for week.

Sunday, 3/13

Return to DC area, crash for evening.

Monday, 3/14

Begin work at Lock Media.

Week of 3/14

Find apartment. Fair Lakes was mentioned as a good jumping-off point to get to Arlington and Manassas Park (3/14: Centreville).
Try to get a lease to start on 3/28 (got the 29th).

Saturday, 3/19

Return to Pittsburgh again.

Week of 3/21

Advertise apartment in Post-Gazette and (3/17: PG is ready for the weekend; 3/19: c.m.m.a is done).
Pack everything.
Find movers or get a U-Haul (3/17: Not as expensive as I was afraid it'd be).

Monday, 3/28

Pick up U-Haul.

Tuesday, 3/29

Leave Pittsburgh for good, move into new apartment.

Nothing to it, right?

The next two weeks will be brought to you by adrenaline and the letters C8H10N4O2.

Edit, 3/14: Checked a few things off and finalized some of the dates at the end.

Edit, 3/17: Knocked a couple more things off the list.

Edit, 3/19: Back in the 'Burgh, so one more checkbox goes bye-bye.

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