Be Careful What You Wish For

March 18, 2005

Two weeks ago, I was beginning to worry about what would happen if I wasn't able to find a job. I was stressing out over it, and generally being a pain in the ass to anyone who'd listen.

Now I have a job, and I've spent the last week trying to get things set up down in the DC area. This is actually more stressful than not working was, and I'm being even more of a pain in the ass to anyone who'll listen.

Basically, I'm usually a Type B personality -- laid back, I'll deal with stuff as it comes. But when I get a big deadline with a long to-do list, all of a sudden I'm the king of the Type A's. For some reason I just can't deal with having things not-done when I can avoid it.

Case in point: There's a chance -- I'd put it at 50-50 -- that I can find someone to rent my apartment starting on April 1st. That would save me from having to pay rent on the thing while I'm not using it. That means I need to move out by the 31st.

Except I couldn't get the lease at the new apartment to start until the 29th -- a Tuesday. So, with the criteria I've set up for myself, I can't move on a weekend. Two of my friends are willing to fly up to Pittsburgh -- I'd pay, of course -- to help pack and drive my car down to Centreville. If they can't make it I'll rent the trailer and have fun like I did in December. No big deal; if they can't make it they can't make it.

But that involves one of them getting time off, and it's not an instant thing. So now I'm basically snapping at them, telling them yes or no, just tell me already so I can knock this off my list. And I'm having trouble explaining to them why this is so damn important -- I'm not sure I know myself, but the desire to not pay $555 if I don't have to certainly has a lot to do with it.

Just imagine what an asshole I'll be if a truly substantial amount of money is on the line, or if I ever come up against a really important deadline.

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