I Have A Feeling I'm Forgetting Something

March 21, 2005

Oh, yeah... this.

Well, as of 1:15PM, there's not a lot going on. I'm remote-desktopped in to Lock Media continuing the work I started last week. The car's at the auto-body place getting that dent from Thanksgiving fixed, so I'm walking everywhere again. My new cable modem is en route to be delivered today, so I'll be able to hook up and go once I get to Centreville next week. I need to make a couple purchases this week (a cable splitter and a new shower curtain) so I can hit the ground running once I get moved in.

Oh, and I have to pack up everything. I made pretty good progress last night at the expense of being able to watch movies this week. On the one hand I feel kind of overwhelmed, but on the other I'm starting to get the idea that I can hack all this.

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