How Much For That Apartment In The Paper?

March 25, 2005

I've had at least half a dozen people come to look at the apartment this week. I've been having them contact the landlord if they're insterested, but as yet I don't think that's happened.

I kinda figured it'd go quicker than that, seeing as how every time I decide to sleep on it, the apartment disappears out from under me when someone comes in and fills out the application right away. And the thing is, this is pretty much the nicest apartment of all the ones I've looked at in Pittsburgh. It's the weird ones in old houses (that half the time have a large picture window in the bedrooom looking right out onto the stret) that go quickly.

So, they flock to poorly-laid-out apartments simply because they're in old houses, and avoid the ones that were done sensibly just because they're in a building that was made to hold apartments. Seems like people here are even stranger than I thought.

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