Less Than Ideal

December 17, 2008

We're supposed to be moving the servers right now.

The switchover happened shortly after 9:00, so it was more or less on time. But they couldn't see the IP addresses showing up on the router here at the new place, which we were assured was set up correctly. Unfortunately, this isn't something that can be verified easily, especially since the new router is basically immobile in the rack.

So the boss has been on the phone with the Verizon tech for the last hour and a half. It's almost 11:00, and we're finally hot over here and can begin.

So anyway, my hopes of getting home by 1:00 tonight are gone. It'll be 2:00 at a minimum, probably more like 3:00 before we're done here. I have to be home by 5:00, if for no reason other than to let the dog out. Tuesday's going to suck.

Addendum: And suck Tuesday did. I left at 7:00 AM to let Ginger out, the boss was still installing the last couple servers and preparing to triage a couple that didn't just boot right up. After a quick nap and a shower I was back by 10:00 and replacing my workstation, which had cooked a second hard drive in as many months.

Happily we have plenty of blank workstations here I can use thanks to the previous tenant's bankruptcy, but I'm down to a single monitor unless I can find a half-sized video card with two VGA outs. And of course, the work proposal I need is on the drive that just scorched itself. Whee.

Edit, 7:29 PM: Edit for clarity above, and another addendum:

So after all that, and operating on 90 minutes of sleep in 36 hours, I got home from work Tuesday and found... No internet! Something happened to the cable line inside the building's wall, and both my TV and 'net connection were out of commission. Thankfully, there are two cables in the wall -- maybe Cox used to do the two-cable thing back in the day like TCI? -- and cable dude was able to switch to the standby and I'm back in business.

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