February 20, 2009

Every time I go to a convention I get a desire to start drawing a webcomic. I always get bogged down, though: Should I do it newspaper-style (meaning, four or five panels in a row), or manga/comic-style with a set page size but otherwise fluid layout? Should I do gag-a-day, funny story, or drama? How am I going to get around the fact that I suck at writing, can't draw, and have never inked anything in my life?

Then one of the comics I read, Dominic Deegan, hit an extended patch of sub-standard plots. I figured maybe I could take a whack at paring down some of the exposition and move to a comic-style format since the artist seems limited by his newspaper-style layout. (The style itself isn't limiting: Read Starslip for a comic that uses the form effectively, and with good pacing and art. It's just that the artist in this case seems constrained by it.)

Well, I put it off for a bit, because I'm getting ready to move into a sublet next month. And then I realized that I no longer feel like reading Dominic Deegan, and had no desire to spend time on trying to draw it my own way. So I'm back to where I usually start: No story and no writing ability, no characters and no drawing ability, no experience doing comicky stuff, and no real time to do it all anyway.

I figure this time the desire will fade right about the time I head up to the con in Pittsburgh.

February 18, 2009March 18, 2009