Katsucon 2015

February 17, 2015

I took my new toy -- a Nikon D3200 -- to Katsucon this year. Since I was taking pictures with a real camera this time around, I figured I should put the good ones up on Flickr or something. No problem, I'll just take a quick pass through them to see what looks all right.

I took 257 pictures this weekend.

This may take a while.

Edit, 7:37 AM: Since I'm snowed in, I used what would be my drive time to take a first pass -- eliminating pictures I had to retake, whittling down rapid-fire sequences to the best images, and removing scenery shots that are probably only interesting to me. I'm down to 97 now, which is far more manageable.

A lot of them (probably at least 80) are going to need touching up in Photoshop, since the camera couldn't quite figure out the lighting on its own as well as I'd hoped it would. Hopefully by next year I know enough to fiddle with the ISO, exposure length and aperture settings to make them come out better initially. It'll probably save me quite a bit of time in the long run.

Edit, Feb 19: I have it whittled down a bit more, to 72. Things like crowd shots and exterior hotel shots are gone, and I've gone with the best image in the cases where I have more than one of a cosplayer. Now my only problem is that I don't trust how things look on my TV screen, so I'll be editing whenever I can steal a few minutes at work. Or maybe I'll just go in over the weekend and futz with things for a couple hours. Maybe I'll even get these all posted before next year's convention...

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