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Other pages I put together over the years. These tend to be the oldest parts of my site, and don't get updated very often.

The Fleshman FAQ

Answers to questions about me. If you already know me at all, you probably already know the answers. But there's a FAQ for everything else in the world, so why shouldn't I have one?

Funny Stuff

Loads of good stuff in here. Excerpts from the IRC channel I used to frequent. Little nuggets of conversation that can be taken out of context for the purpose of a good laugh. A repository of little things that I get a chuckle out of. All in one convenient place, just for you. Don't say I never gave you anything.

Me, Me, Me

I'm only a little bit self-absorbed. These are just pages about me: My apartment, my car, my fat ass. So, basically, me.


Good, clean fun with a digital camera. Donations for a camera of my own are now being accepted...


The history of the site, in case you're really bored.

My "professional" site. Like I've said a few times, will code for food.

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