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Atomic Twister (09 Jun 2002)

<MisterQ> my question is: how could anyone be involved in the filming of the movie 'Atomic Twister' without immidiatly breaking down into snickering giggles at the absurdity of it all
<wabewalkr> Oh man, I saw that in the TV Guide and started snickering myself.
<wabewalkr> Probably not as bad as "Atomic Train" or "Atomic Dog."
<JJ> I saw the review in the paper's TV guide, which basically boiled down to "God this is bad."
<MisterQ> Whatabout 'Atomic Dog Train'?
<Drusilla> Atomic Dog Train Twister Torpedo
<wabewalkr> "Twistin' Train Atomic Dog."
<JJ> "Atomically Trained Dog." ... 'No, Spike, not on the flower bed!' *FOOM*
<MisterQ> "Conductor, this train is headed straight into that tornado. What cargo are you carrying?" "Radioactive puppies." "Um.. I see. I'll be in Europe if you need me then."
<wabewalkr> "Atomic Train." Man, I'm just bathing in the irony right now.
<MisterQ> "Atomic Doc Train Twister - Coming soon on Fox"
<MisterQ> dog
<Drusilla> not Europe
<Drusilla> Antartica.
<wabewalkr> I dunno. "Atomic Doc" sounds charming.
<JJ> Sure it does, at first. /You/ try cleaning up that mess.
<wabewalkr> "Doc, I've got hiccoughs." *ZOT* "Thanks for clearing up my hiccoughs, but now my hair is falling out!"
<MisterQ> "And now he traveled back in time.. I can't find that Atomic Doc anywhere."
<JJ> How about "Atomic Croc"? Maybe we could get rid of that Australian dude for good.
<MisterQ> "Atomic Bach" .. He composes, he's deaf, and he's nuclear
<wabewalkr> Uh, wasn't that Beethoven?
<MisterQ> Oh yeah.. I forgot which composer fell into the plutoneum
<sol-D> amadeus beethoven bach
<MisterQ> that's him
<wabewalkr> The fusion of Bach and Beethoven after their encounter with a radioactive meteorite?
<MisterQ> yes! Together they formed the great radioactive composer: Bachtoven!
<JJ> The first stage act to feature a light show.

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