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Computer Skillz (14 Jun 2002)

<Down10> tie: today's column was bang on
<tieboy> didja take the same test?
<Down10> yep. exact same test.
<Down10> I didn't see any "results" though
<tieboy> no?
<tieboy> why not
<Down10> Ya got me. I did get an 89% in PowerPoint, though. Yay me!
<Drusilla> now down's site will be full of temping anecdotes.
<Down10> please. Like anyone wants to read more of those.
<tieboy> i like the software questions that tell you not to use the toolbar
<Drusilla> why not?
<Down10> Excel test asked to change the column width "without dragging the side of the column header"
<mdxi> because people are too fucking stupid to even use menus, much less keys, these days
<Drusilla> i hate people.
<Freyja> the temp tests I took let you do whatever you wanted, as long as it worked. Good, too, cause most of the time I had no clue and guessed by using the menus
<Down10> I demand more key-commands, not less.
<Down10> What sucked is that if you accidentally clicked elsewhere in a dialog, it registered as incorrect
<mdxi> like when mozilla started reaching the point where people were willing to try it out they'd scream "WTF I TRYED FOR 30 MINUETS AND THE FUKEN SIDEBAR WONT TURN OFF!!#!#"
<mdxi> they couldn't find it because it was cleverly hidden in View->Sidebar
<Drusilla> i'm disturbed by the short time it took you to type that scary exclamation.

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