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Howes Space Is Time of Year (20 Jun 2002)

<babich> anyone in california hear the shuttle come in this morning?
<babich> I was woken up by a tremendous BANG this morning, and my house was shaking. As I was getting up, I could hear all my neighbors running outside because they thought it was an earthquake
<hockeyfag> heh
<jacquilynne> I don't believe you.
<babich> ok
<jacquilynne> Californians don't run outside for Earthquakes.
<babich> they do in L.A. when the first shocks are bad. People remember Northridge like its a Vietnam flashback
<hockeyfag> there's a ham repeater around here that re-broadcasts the shuttle radio communications, so I can listen to them anytime
<babich> I'm going to send a letter to NASA, maybe they will land the shuttle around noon next time, for us late risers
<DanielMLaenker> d00d. I listened to Mir once
<hockeyfag> I hit the shuttle once with my ham gear
<hockeyfag> I've heard Mir, but they were too busy with other people to chat
<tieboy> i visited mars once
<babich> I used to point my argon laser at F111's landing at Pease AFB when I was a kid, lit up thier alarms like crazy and they'd break off in evasive manuevers.
<Drusilla> really? d00d!
<tieboy> that second a-bomb dropped on japan? that was me.
<DanielMLaenker> I can't say much interesting about my childhood and jets, because jets just weren't interesting in Norfolk
<DnaError> What could you say to Mir "So, howes Space is time of year?"
<babich> I wonder how much trouble I could get in for doing that?
<hockeyfag> its just a contact.. then you get a card saying you talked to them.. its a ham radio thing
<tieboy> So, howes Space is time of year.
<babich> I cloned a sheep.
<babich> s/cloned/made love
<babich> tie: you couldn't hear the shuttle up in the bay area?
<Machival> is DNA running through jeeb's x loop or something?
<tieboy> nope. not connected enough
<jacquilynne> you 'made love a sheep.'
<jacquilynne> ?
<Machival> jeeb, x loop So, howes Space is time of year.
<Machival> er...
<jeeb> somebody said er was Erbium 68
<Machival> jeeb, x loop kr So, howes Space is time of year.
<jeeb> Machival: It is like this, the howes space is hour of year.
<babich> ok, I forgot the 'to'. and tieboy made another joke about name dropping. Pure genius
<tieboy> tee hee!!!
<tieboy> i'm a scamp
<tieboy> thank god i have someone to brutalize
<hockeyfag> woo
<Down10> snnkktt
*** MrLuke sets mode: +o spinn
*** spinn changes topic to '<DnaError> What could you say to Mir "So, howes Space is time of year?"'
<DnaError> That wasn't that funny.
<jacquilynne> I don't think you're in a position to judge that.
<DanielMLaenker> Am I? I don't/.
<spinn> it was funny in that it made no sense, yet you thought it did
<tieboy> PEBKAC!!!! am I right or what?
<Machival> word, tie.
<DnaError> I thought it made sense, cause if you contacted Mir, what could you say?
<DnaError> Aside from it being all in russian
<jacquilynne> I don't know about you, but I'd say something that made sense.
<spinn> beheh
<spinn> that's even funnier
<spinn> so "howes Space is time of year" is something you'd say to Mir, is it
<DnaError> possibly
<spinn> why?
<spinn> to mess with the heads of their translators, or something?
<DnaError> cause its not something you would say. Cause space is the same all year around.
<spinn> wow, he's just not getting it
<Machival> gaah.
<tieboy> yipes
<spinn> or he's being funny
<DanielMLaenker> But, you just defined howes Space as time of year.
<spinn> guess which!
<DnaError> I can't tell anymore
<Machival> howes space = time of year
<spinn> dna, howes lunch is you had today
<DanielMLaenker> Don't worry, the important people on the channel think it's funny. You should laugh; I do
<DnaError> Oh great...the "My mom thinks I'm cool" speech.
<tieboy> can you use the phrase "no time to lose" properly?
<DnaError> Lunch? It was decent. Sandwich and an apple.
<Machival> * DnaError tries to duck out of the topic
<DnaError> I don't understand whats going on here.
<DnaError> Can someone please explain it.
<Machival> okay.
<spinn> dna, I really gotta know: do you think that sentence you said makes sense in English
* hockeyfag pounces on DNA
<Machival> wtf does "howes space is time of year" mean?
<spinn> well, we know what it means by context
<DanielMLaenker> He was trying to say "How's space this time of year?"
<DnaError> oh! I just realized I didn't put in the "th"
<DnaError> ah
<spinn> I'm just surprised he doesn't understand it literally makes no sense
<DnaError> I understand the confusion now.
<Machival> and how about the "howes"?
<DnaError> It is humorous.
<spinn> what, after reading it back to you 5 times?
<DnaError> That is poor spelling.
<DnaError> Yes
<Machival> wow.
<spinn> have you noticed the "howes" yet or should I pencil in some time for later?
<Down10> Stick to drawing. That's all I have to say
<Machival> do you even read this?

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