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Farting Out Babies; Science (01 Jul 2002)

<DnaError> so Frey, how is married life?
* Freyja is too busy cooking and cleaning and making sure her man is well cared for and refusing to have sex and nagging him and buying shoes with his money to contemplate the major changes an insignificant piece of paper had on her life
<Drusilla> behehehe
<DnaError> Are you at least farting out kids?
<Zole> Please, the polite term is "poppin' 'em out"
<Machival> wait, "farting" out kids?
<DnaError> yes
<Machival> I've heard "shitting out babies" but never "farting out".
<DnaError> I got it from my caty
<DnaError> Cat*
<Drusilla> yyeeeeaaaaaahhh
<Machival> r...right.
<DnaError> No, you see..the cat just sat in front of the TV one day duing dinner, starting farting..and suddenly, kittens.
<DnaError> so "farting out kids"
<Freyja> someone needs to sit you down for the birds and bees talk
<Machival> I never knew intense farting was a part of the birthing process.
<Machival> what, did its water break and then evaporate or something?
<DnaError> huh?
<Drusilla> water. break.
<Machival> you know... when you... uh... go into labor.
<DnaError> Its water broke, I guess. There was liquid.
<DnaError> I don't see how that conncets
<Drusilla> yeah.
<Drusilla> That preludes labor, Dna.
<Machival> well, see, instead of water coming out of... you know, fuck it. you won't get it even if I explained it to you anyway.
<DnaError> ok
<DnaError> I know, I don't see how it connects to the farting noises which preceeded it
<Machival> water broke, then evaporated.
<Machival> there are three states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. matter can move between these states.
<mdxi> Machival: bonus one: that is that phenomenon called? bonus two: what's the fourth state? bonus three: what is the name for going from one state straight to the state two spaces over, skipping the imtermediary state?
<mdxi> time's up. phase change; plasma; sublimation
<DnaError> I think I understand the joke now.
<Freyja> boy, am I glad the teacher didn't pick me for this one. *frantically studies for the imminent pop quiz*
<DnaError> Its not all that funny
<Machival> fourth state: isn't it, like, "plasma" or something? and going between states is sublimation, isn't it?
<jacquilynne> I'd have done okay, except I didn't understand the first questions.
<DnaError> Plasma, Polymers
<Machival> I mean, jumping over.
<Machival> from solid to gas.
<jacquilynne> Was thinking more along the lines of 'freezing', 'evaporation', 'melting', etc
<JJ> ok, but what's gas-to-solid called?
<Machival> and what did you mean by the first one? 'cause I was thinking, like, 'freezing', 'condensation', etc.
<Machival> JJ: isn't it the same thing?
<JJ> i dunno, that's why i asked.
<mdxi> you said "matter can move between these states."
<mdxi> that was the antecedent for "this" in my question one
<Machival> ahh, okay.
<mdxi> it's called "sublimation" no matter what, but only solid-to-gas sublimation is common.
<Machival> and all three states can exist simultaneously given appropriate temperature and pressure, right? I think I remember something about that in high-school chem.
<JJ> yep.
<JJ> i remember that too.
<mdxi> in certain substances
<mdxi> and then there's oddities like pressure ice
<Machival> yeah. can't remember the exact specifics, but...
<JJ> see kids? science /is/ fun.

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