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Stickiness (09 Jul 2002)

<babich> Good christ. This 68% humidity is making me sticky. er.
<spinn> 68%?!
<Drusilla> stickier?
<spinn> you're complaining about 68
<babich> I lost all capacity for humidity out here.
<Drusilla> you can only complain when it's 100%, and you're locked outside
<babich> I could handle 95% a few years ago in new england. I'm turning soft
<agent_orange> let me just check my humidity-measuring thingy ...
<Down10> Your cock?
<agent_orange> oh, llok! It's covered in algae!
* Drusilla slaps Down
* agent_orange scrapes the algae off his cock
* Down10 gives Dru a Charlie Horse
<agent_orange> dammit, what the fuck are those humidity measuring thingys called again?
<Drusilla> barometer.
<mdxi> "wet bulbs"
* agent_orange slaps drusilla
* agent_orange snaps his towel at mdxi's butt
<agent_orange> I did not invite guesses.
<babich> speaking of barometers, I now own one. goo is dribbling out of my neutragena pump bottle
<Drusilla> that's nice
<hockeyfag> goo?
<spinn> oh christ mark
<spinn> you're making it difficult to exaggerate you for parody
<hockeyfag> its like those bad ads for the electric rasors
<agent_orange> goo, for god's sake. you don't know what goo is?
<hockeyfag> razors
<agent_orange> it's like the stuff you rub on the bowling trophies before you jimmy them up boi's ass
<babich> I'm betting it's Neutragena Face Scrub.
<Drusilla> lalalala
<Down10> I'll pretend I didn't read that
<hockeyfag> more than likely
<Maus> ...I forgot that I was in there.
<hockeyfag> I don't have much that could goo around here actually
<babich> and putting face scrub up boi's ass may benefit a few people
<hockeyfag> probably not..

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