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Old Apartment (2001-2002)

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Well, I promised a quick photo-tour of my little apartment in Greenfield, and here it is. This is also the first time out for my Logitech Web-cam, so some of the pictures may not be high-quality, even for the crappy little eyeball cam.

"Uh, is this thing on?"
Looking out from the computer with my fat Irish melon out of the way. The door leads to the bathroom, off to the left, and the open doorway leads straight back into the kitchen.
Panning to the right, catching a glimpse of the entertainment center. Uh, it's not that nice. Yeah. Anyway, I'm watching ESPN as I take this one. You can kind of make out one of the Baseball Tonight anchors on the TV.
Continuing to the right, my front door and bookshelf. The big red blotch on the third shelf is the various programming books I've picked up to self-teach myself this stuff.
Moving on to the sofa/futon, with the TV remote sitting on it. At the left is the bedroom doorway. I tell ya, the futon's a gigantic pain in the ass to put together, but it is damn comfortable if you're looking for a Sunday-afternoon nap.
Coming around to my computer. Do I need to tell you I took the Web-cam off the top and held it up for this one? Anyway, you can see the recursive loop I have going on -- the blotch in the middle of the screen is the Web-cam window, showing the monitor, with a blotch in the middle ....
Completing the tour, this is the right side of my monitor and my scanner. The last wall between the desk and the bathroom door (the first pic) is the large window that I almost never open the blinds on.

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