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Old Apartment (2002-2003)

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New lease, new apartment, new pictures.

Starting behind the computer, the same ol' bookshelf with the same ol' programming books on it.
Just to the right of the bookshelf is the hallway to the stairs. The kitchen, bedroom and bathroom are all in the finished basement. Apartment number two apparently wraps around the back of the house and that's what's taking up the space.
Continuing around past a little bit of blank wall to the front door.
The futon, with the rear surround speakers behind it. Chief Wahoo makes an appearance for the first time since I lived in the fraternity house. The nail he's hanging on was already there, by the way.
The front window. It's 5' 6½" wide. Hanging that mini-blind was a pain in the ass. Anyway, that's either some afternoon sun coming through or the rapture happened and I missed it.
The right side of the window and the entertainment center. If you're thinking of breaking in and taking it, it still sucks. Yeah.
The side window, with the next-door building visible through it. That's it for the living room; the other rooms are inaccesible to the camera (it's attached to the computer). If you want to rectify this, I'll give you an address to mail the laptop to. Those Sony Vaios seem pretty cool...

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