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Old Apartment (2003-2005)

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Again with the moving. No complaints so far, though I'm only two weeks in, but I have a gut feeling I won't be moving in the summer of '04.

Putting those AutoCAD skillz to use. I'm not too sure what the scale turned out to be, but the living room is about 15 feet across from left to right. The door to the apartment is at the end of the hallway at the bottom. North, for those that care, is to the right.
Looking straight back from the desk and into the kitchen. Note the presence of the dishwasher, which goes a long way toward making the extra $125 a month worth it.
Going clockwise around the living room in the AutoCAD drawing, this is the hallway to the door, and the hall closet. That blue lump is my backpack. The door to the right is the bathroom and its checkerboard tile.
Near the "bottom left" corner of the living room is the same ol' bookshelf. It hasn't changed much since Greenfield.
Same entertainment center. Note the addition of the digital cable decoder, which is going back to Comcast as soon as the three-month freebie expires.
The front window. I've got to stop taking pictures of west-facing windows in the afternoon. This one slides open, so there's no hernia-inducing lack of counterweights.
The futon, along the "right" wall. The only thing missing would be the computer desk itself, and a pile of electronics is probably even more boring than the rest of this mess. As always, no pictures of the rest of the place due to the camera being tethered to the computer.

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