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My Apartment (2005-2009)

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The entryway, with the door on the left. The doors of the apartments open to a breezeway instead of a hall, which makes the place feel kind of different from the Pittsburgh apartment.
The second thing that got set up (the TV was the first). On the one hand, it's nice being able to look out the window while I work on the computer, but I also feel like I'm being watched.
Looking into the living room's main area. I actually tried some interior design here and put the couch and entertainment center at an angle. The fact that it was the only way to make the computer desk fit is merely a coincidence.
Another look into the living room, showing off the two-monitor setup on the computer.
The kitchen. It's actually a bit smaller than it looks, since the placement of the sink and dishwasher mean there aren't many cupboards.
The half-wall between the living room and dining room. My grandfather's collectible soda bottles have been re-capped for display.
The dining room table (the first time it's been out of storage in a while), and the same old bookcase with the same old books.
A glimpse off the balcony, showing my awe-inspiring view of the parking lot and US-29.
The hall closet and bathroom door. The blurry thing in the bottom-right corner is one of my Calvin and Hobbes books sticking off the bookcase.
Looking back from the hallway into the dining room and living room. This probably helps your mental map more than the random images I've shown so far.
The laundry room, off the left side of the bathroom as you look in from the hall. I've already saved myself two trips to the bank for quarters.
The bedroom, with the walk-in closet (how much of that closet is not used for clothes is rather amusing to me) on the left, and ... something I haven't quite figured out yet under the window. I'm thinking of putting some of my collection-stuff in it. Looks a lot better than the empty space that was though.
The last thing left, the big window on the north side of my bedroom. The balcony and storage room would be just outside the window on the right.

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