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My Car (Pictures)

Here's my poor, abused Honda after its little run-in with a big bully of an SUV. If you're wondering, those two whitish dots on my hood are where the logo popped off because of the a-hole in the parking lot.

Didn't operate the camera properly, so I didn't get a flash for this one.

From the passenger side.

From the driver's side, where it got hit. Hard to see the impact point due to the camera angle and size of the pic.

Head-on. If you're wondering about the tape pattern, there's nothing in the middle because of the hood latch, and the left isn't taped because the radiator's right there and I didn't feel like wedging my hand between it and the frame. I already knew better than to try this while the radiator was hot.

From street level. It's easier in this one to see how far out of whack it is. Of course, it is just hanging there, basically...

Another street-level shot.

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