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Weight Loss 2004

I decided that this spring I'm going to lose some weight. There were two things that brought this about. First, there's my ten-year high-school reunion coming up in July, and I don't want to look like a beach ball with legs when I get there. Secondly, and most importantly, when I weighed myself in January I'd finally eclipsed the triple-digit mark in kilograms (100 kg = 220 lbs). That, to be blunt, is way too fucking fat.

And, since I can't do anything anymore without putting it on the Web, here's my progress meter. I want to get down to 170 pounds (77 kg) and there's only one diet I've ever been on in my life that's worked (paging Dr. Atkins...)

Day # Date Weight Notes
0 01 Feb 2004 220.5 Begin the diet tomorrow. Waist is 41".
1 02 Feb 2004 217.6 Beginning of induction phase. I'm allowed 20g of carbs per day. Decrease in weight probably due to recent bathroom activity.
2 03 Feb 2004 219.2 Body hasn't started burning fat yet, so I'm kind of tired. Also have a dehydration headache. Have to remember to drink more water today.
3 04 Feb 2004 218.7 Feeling better today, I think my body may have figured out it isn't getting the carbs it expects.
4 05 Feb 2004 216.4 Diet's working all right, but it's a pain to remember to make a salad for lunch every night.
5 06 Feb 2004 216.4 Don't know how I managed to get the same weight two days in a row.
6 07 Feb 2004 214.6 Dammit, accidentally erased some data last night. Got it plugged back in as best I could, but it's hard to remember half a dozen four-digit numbers.
7 08 Feb 2004 214.6 One week on the diet. Waist hasn't changed much. I think the scale's messing with me; another duplicate weight.
8 09 Feb 2004 213.0 Nothing of note.
9 10 Feb 2004 213.0 All right, WTF is up with getting duplicate numbers all the time?
10 11 Feb 2004 213.0 Got some good lunch ideas at Pickle's today. Looks like I won't be eating tuna salad (or plain salad) 4-5 times a week anymore.
11 12 Feb 2004 211.0 Progress. Better.
12 13 Feb 2004 212.6 The numbers are supposed to go down, not up...
13 14 Feb 2004 210.4 Much better.
14 15 Feb 2004 212.0 In my defense, I weighed myself after eating dinner instead of before.
16 17 Feb 2004 210.4 Pants are starting to fit less badly. Nothing like positive reinforcement.
19 20 Feb 2004 210.4 OK, I call bullshit. There is no way that my weight has remained constant to within 2 ounces all freakin' week.
20 21 Feb 2004 209.2 Wonder of wonders! The number changed!
21 22 Feb 2004 207.4 Three weeks in, and I think the scale is trying to make nice now. Probably going to be on induction for another month at least.
25 26 Feb 2004 205.6 Numbers are dropping again. Good.
37 09 Mar 2004 204.8 I'm not updating every day any more because the numbers just aren't changing that much. Still losing a little bit of weight though. Hopefully I can do better with Ultimate Frisbee.
43 15 Mar 2004 200.8 If you want to feel good about your weight loss always weigh yourself after going to the bathroom :)
55 27 Mar 2004 199.6 Another week, another pound.
63 04 Apr 2004 198.6 Slow but steady, and all that jazz. May have to just suck it up and start running soon. Ugh.
67 08 Apr 2004 197.4 Just in time to go to Akron for Easter. I'll try to be good, but there are no guarantees I won't be back to 200 by the time I get back.
77 18 Apr 2004 195.8 Start running next week. Hopefully that will (a) let me eat more carbs (b) help me lose the weight a little faster.
84 25 Apr 2004 193.0 Still averaging a pound or two a week. I can live with that, but hopefully I'll start losing more when I start running three times a week.
98 09 May 2004 189.4 The running seems to be paying off.
112 23 May 2004 187.8 Still dieting, still running, still losing weight. Life is good.
132 12 Jun 2004 187.0 Haven't been following the diet too closely lately. Gotta get back on it.
147 27 Jun 2004 185.8 Getting back on track. Running (almost) every day. Learned I still can't trust myself around candy.
163 12 Jul 2004 183.8 Just in time to not exercise for a week. Hopefully I don't bounce back up too far.

This time, if/when I reach my target weight I'm going to ease back into the carbs. Last time I dove head-first into a pile of french fries, with predictable results.

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