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Jim’s 21st Birthday "Bash", August 9, 1999

You may have to wait a little while; these images can take a while to load sometimes. Anyway, since I had already taken the digital camera from work for the campout that coming weekend, Tristan convinced me to capture Jim's 21st, hoping he'd do something embarrassing. We were all sorely disappointed. But since I had the pictures anyway, here they are:

Jim at the beginning of the night, leaving PHI.

Here he is at Denny's Bar, after a couple drinks at Pete's.

Yeah, cheers. Some of the photos inside Denny's will be blurred, since I had the flash off -- I didn't want to annoy the other people there.

Jim, doing a great job of holding up the wall.

Here we see Jim contemplating the Chernobyl sitting in front of him. If you've never seen fear in someone's eyes before, that's it.

He's taken a sip of the Chernobyl and is chasing it with a beer, trying to keep his stomach where it belongs.

Jim, in full Drunken Flailing Mode.

I didn't turn the flash on; he just wasn't moving much by this point.





End of the night, just about 12:00. I decided to turn the flash on for this one, just to see if he'd react. He didn't.

I don't know what part of the evening was more disappointing... Jim showing what a friggin' lightweight (read: wuss) he is, or not getting to carry out the Secret Plan.

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