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Camping at Ohiopyle State Park, August 13-15, 1999

I don't have too many pictures of the campout; I was usually busy (a) trying to stay out of the downpour, (b) helping with the fire, or (c) looking for the car keys. But here are the ones I took:

Dallas trying to be the Fire God. That weekend, it was harder than it looked.

Here we all are (except me, who got stuck holding the camera) on the Green Gorge Trail, at the start of Saturday's hike.

This is just after we got on the Youghiogheny (pronounced "Yahk-ih-gay-nee") River Trail, part of the trail system that will eventually link Erie, PA to Washington, DC.

These two pictures (this one and the one before it) were taken from the old railroad bridge over the river that was converted for the trail.

A little way farther down the trail, Vanessa took Shields's pack for a while. She improvised a hip-strap to take some of the load off her shoulders, then made the comment, "this makes my boobs look big." Well, it would have been rude for me to just turn around and check 'em out, so I was all subtle-like and fired off a picture without aiming. The reason it's kinda blurred is because I was still walking when I snapped the picture.

About lunch time, we climbed down into the Yough valley to eat lunch along the side of the river and take a break. Here are some people who were going white-water rafting.

Here's Vanessa and Shields out on a rock in the middle of the river. I was still stuck on the shore due to my camera (well, work's camera) not being waterproof. Once I found a Ziploc bag in my pack I was able to join them.

This is where I finally got sick of Vanessa asking me to take a picture of her :)

The rest of these are just pictures of the Yough taken from the banks of the river or the rocks out in the middle of it.



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