On The Road Again

March 29, 2005

Well, if everything ent according to plan, I'm driving down to Centreville today in the U-Haul. As I write this on Sunday, I have almost everything packed up, and the TV and computer are going into their respective boxes tonight. Htet Htet and Cory will arrive Monday to help me load the truck and drive my car down to NoVA, since I didn't really want to try getting a trailer around Shadyside's dinky streets.

Once everything is loaded, and before they leave, I have to clean the carpets (I tracked in quite a bit over two winters, so there are stains that need to be removed) unless the landlord tells me they're just going to rip them up anyway.

And I just remembered that the checkbook I'll need, since I haven't found a renter yet, has already been packed up. It's a good thing I know computers, 'cause otherwise I'm just not very bright.

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