Technical Difficulties...

March 31, 2005

...please stand by.

I tried to set up the computer last night, but apparently my account needs to be activated, and the tech-support person I talked to last night can't do that. Once I get everything set up I can start downloading pictures from my phone and get a couple entries taken care of.

Edit, 9:52AM: Just got off the phone with Cocks Cox Communications. Apparently activating my broadband account isn't a simple thing. It's not even a matter of plugging something in or hitting a switch. One of their people just has to hit a button. For that I have to wait until tomorrow.

And trying to figure all this out is fun: I can't get much information about my account, because I still have a temporary PIN. I went online to change the PIN, and it requires my account number, which they never gave me. Brilliant, people. Tell me to change something that it's impossible for me to change.

I'm starting to miss Verizon, which is as great a condmenation of this company's customer service skills as I can imagine.

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