February 2, 2009

While I was walking Ginger a couple days ago I saw the moon was up, with a very bright light nearby. Given how bright it was I thought it was Jupiter; checking online I see it was Saturn. I decided to see how good a job my little digital camera can do.

I had to tweak the shutter speed manually since it kept setting itself for way too long on its own. They didn't come out bad, but I'd need some serious gear to take good pictures.

This is the moon, with the camera zoomed as far in as possible. Shutter speed on this one was 1/500 second.
This is Saturn, again zoomed in as far as possible. Shutter speed was 1/100 second. Those aren't the rings you see; we're nearly edge-on to the plane of the rings right now. That's just an artifact of the camera. But the planet does resolve to multiple pixels at least.
Saturn again, this time with a 1/50 second exposure.
The moon again, with a 1/25 second exposure. I like the detail it was able to pick up along the moon's terminator.
Saturn, or Sauron? This was shot with 1/10 second shutter speed, and you can see where things got washed out. Neat effect, though.

Of course, now I need to go out and get a nice lens that will attach to this thing. Not like I'm trying to save money or anything...

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