Geeky Stuff

February 6, 2009

A pair of things from The Internets while I try to get in the mood to write something of my own.

Epoch Win

(From via Facebook.) In a week (Friday the 13th at 23:10 or so UTC) UNIX timestamps will be 1234567890.

Why, God? Why?

(Via Hoye, who is not Hoy) Microsoft makes an abomination unto mankind called SongSmith, which given vocals will create a musical backing. The idea of piping existing songs through it to see what happens was probably dreamt up within seconds of its release. The two worst that are on the internet, so called because I can't bear to watch more than two, are: "The Painfully Sexless Love Shack" and "Extremely White Wedding". The blog I stole this from lists a few more; punching SongSmith into Youtube will probably bring about the Four Horsemen with the concentrated Suck that would be delivered.

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