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Thanks, brain

June 28, 2024

Like I mentioned before, my ability to remember to do a thing is not related at all to time of day. In fact, the more time-dependent a thing is, the more likely I am to remember it when I can't do anything about it.

Apropos of nothing, I visited the ophthalmologist at the beginning of May. She did the usual bit of eye-stuff, and wrote up a prescription. Which I left without, because it was a Monday morning and I was uncaffeinated.

I called about a week later, and they said they'd mailed the prescription to me. It's nearly July now, and it still hasn't arrived, so something has obviously gone wrong there. I need to call them and make sure (a) that it was actually sent, and (b) make sure the address they have for me is correct. I wouldn't put it past me to have done a poor job scribbling out my address and gotten my paperwork sent to a place that doesn't exist.

So, pretty simple call to make. And I just remembered it. At five after five in the evening. I'll get to it eventually.

May 17, 2024