Jason Needs a New Job, Part II

April 3, 2001

Well, where was I? Ah, yes...

Monday was another good example of what's wrong with this company. Every Monday morning we have our meeting, to get everyone up to date on active projects, smooth out any scheduling conflicts, and so on. Good idea.

Well, last week at our meeting, TweedleDipShit told us that our project manager was too out of the loop. I know you're used to being self-sufficient, he said, but we brought this person in to make things go more smoothly. So we did as he asked us to, and coordinated with the project manager -- we only have one right now -- on our projects.

Monday, he told us that we were relying too much on our project manager, and that we'd have to be "more proactive" and "self-sufficient." We all just sat there not believing what we were hearing... this dumbfuck had reversed himself over the course of seven days. I'm starting to agree with one of the people I ate lunch with -- he just likes hearing himself talk. It's understandable: He's a marketing drone, so he has no real knowledge or skills; he's essentially a cheerleader we send to the clients to get them excited about working with us.

Which is another reason I can't stand this guy. He's perpetually perky and 100% full of shit. We had a talk (bordering on conversation) when he arrived, and the junk he was shoveling would have knocked a buzzard off a shit truck at a hundred yards. I told him I wanted to take on a more project-management type of role with the company (we hadn't hired the project manager yet) and get into client contact. You know, becoming a "more valuable asset." He responded by harping on every single mistake I made (and being micromanaged by this shit-head caused me to make way more mistakes than usual) and over the past several months my responsibilities have been steadily decreasing. The amount of shit I get blamed for, on the other hand, is on the rise.

And people wonder why my morale is in the shitter...

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