More Random Thoughts

May 3, 2001

Wow, I've really sucked about updating these things. I guess I should've given myself some time to write ahead, so there'd always be something new here. Ah well.

Things are a little hectic right now for me; I'm car-less until later this morning, since I had to get my inspection/emission done yesterday (it was due by April 30th, oops) and couldn't get back to the mechanic after work due to having to work late all three days this week. I have today and tomorrow off, so I can go to a wedding in Cleveland, meaning I won't be updating these for yet another long weekend. I promise, I'll eventually start doing these every day.

I also haven't been able to rollerblade at all for the same reasons (I ain't skating down Greenfield Ave. -- I'll die) so I'm going to be back to my completely-out-of-shape self any millisecond now. I always said my family would be the death of me :)

I just picked myself up a domain yesterday,, so I can show off my PHP skills to potential employers. It'll also be much more reliable and much faster than GeoCities is right now. And no ad-boxes. I hate those things. Expect it to be up (with yet another redesign) in a couple weeks.

I'll also be converting this section to PHP, so it'll work a little better than it is right now.


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