Why I Hate My Job

May 26, 2001

Well, I'm more than a little disappointed, to say the least. Since I started working at JBDC, the company site has been "my" site. Whenever the clunky old interface screwed something up (like the incorrect style sheet requests that were built into it in '96) I fixed it. Whenever we added a new client Web site, I manually added it in three different places.

Then the Interactive side became MindChisel and MindChisel also became "mine." I brought the site through two designs and had it 90% finished both times. The second time I added a bunch of database functionality to make my life as its webmaster a lot easier.

But then the two companies un-separated, meaning we'd have to redesign the site again, and brand it as JBDC instead.

After the work I've put into the site over the last two years, they gave the site to Keith. Keith's a good webmaster, don't get me wrong, but after dicking around for nine months do the admin-types mean to tell me that the site couldn't wait another two weeks?

OK, so I'm venting. But the MindChisel site was the best one I'd done at work -- efficient, updateable, database-driven, functional, the whole nine yards -- and it's all for nothing. Like I said, just a little bit disappointing.

Rant Mode off.

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