Fool Me Once, Shame On You...

May 29, 2001

File this one under "I Really Should Know Better."

After going to the Giant Eagle for some Memorial Day cookout supplies, I decided to drive down to the Waterfront McDonald's and get myself some dinner. Yes, that McDonald's, from my almost-a-speeding-ticket. I keep my speed under 40 mph (which really pissed of the other drivers, by the way), and make to Mickey-D's without a problem.

I get my food and start driving home. As I get close to the light where I make the left turn to head towards the High Level Bridge it turns yellow. I gun it -- such as it is in the Honda -- and get through while the light is still "slightly orange." Which means I get through the intersection while the opposing traffic's light is still red, even though mine is too. I look behind me, and see... Homestead Police Car.


I keep it at a steady 22 mph while splitting my attention between the rear view mirror and the road ahead of me. He gets to the entrance to Dave & Busters, and turns in -- he's just looking for speeders on Waterfront Drive. It's also got the ridiculous 25 limit, but that's another Brain Fart.

I unclench and continue on my way. Like I said, you'd think I'd know better by now.

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