Motivational Speaking

June 19, 2001

Arrrggh... Just had a nice "you guys all suck" meeting. That's always a good way to kick off your work week, isn't it? Basically, the head cheese is pissed about the lack of billable time we're turning in (40%, give or take a few) and told us, basically, that we'd better shape up.

Except, we can't fix the underlying problem. The reason we're not working isn't because we're lazy. It's because -- gasp -- there's no work to be done. When I run out of work, and I take up up someone else's extra, what do I do after that? The project manager knows I have a light load; the account manager does too, because the project manager passed it on. Everyone who can get me work knows the situation and is trying to deal with it. So don't blame me if I'm reading CNN when you make your inspection tour, OK?

Then he tells us, in consecutive sentences, the following: (1) We should tell him when we have nothing to do. (2) He doesn't want to micromanage us. Ain't boss-logic grand?

Off to the Tech Council Web site. I'm sick of this shit.

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