Why Do I Do This Again?

June 26, 2001

Went golfing again the first weekend in June. Took 33 strokes off my game :)

Of course, thay means I'm down to "only" 80 for nine holes, or 47 over par. That's a lot of quintuple-bogeys and beyond.

My problem is that a golf swing is just so unnatural. I always wind up trying to shift my weight around like I'm swinging a baseball bat. That works OK, comapred to the usual, but only if I make it a full-fledged swing. This half-and-half swing I usually take just makes me top off the ball and results in a 45-yard drive. How many other people do you know tee up on a 127-yard hole with their driver and still don't get on the green before their 5th shot?

Don't get me wrong, I usually have a good time, drinking beer and zipping around in the golf cart. It's just the actual game that gives me problems.

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