I Think Forrest Gump Just Called Me an Idiot...

June 29, 2001

So much for telling my family I'm the smart one...

With Spinn taking the week off from "Brain Shots" I started digging through the archives. In particular, there's a class of Brain Shots called "997 to Go." They're all pictures. And if you look at them all, you'll see why it's called "997 to Go." Or you'll get hopelessly confused like I did.

So I filled out the feedback form, and Spinn was kind enough to give me a hint -- all the pictures are similar in some way. Still didn't get it.

In the next e-mail he told me outright. I now feel like the biggest idiot in the history of Mankind.

If you want to have a look for yourself, go to the Brain Shots page and click the "997 to Go" category in the left column. When you hit Update Filters it'll show you the five entries under that category.

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