Shopping at Rob and Dave's Used Furniture Warehouse

August 8, 2001

As I alluded to in a previous Brain Fart, my model-building hobby may have to wait until I have other things, like furniture. As it stands right now, I'm taking my bed with me and I'm buying Dave's futon, Rob's old table and Allison's entertainment center. It's like my own little Goodwill shopping spree.

Now for the down side. That's all I'll have. My entertainment center and VCR won't be very useful without a TV, so I'll have to buy one of those. I should probably have more than one furtinute item in the living room, so I'll need to supplement the futon. I'm taking my computer desk too, but I think I want to replace it, so that's another expense that I probably shouldn't incur. I own DVDs that I can play on Dave's machine right now, but I'll need a player of my own at some point... the list can go on for quite a way if I let it.

So what I'm saying is that my living space might be a bit spartan for a while, and I won't want to get involved in any kind of hobby until I get this big stuff taken care of.

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