This Should Be the Last NYC-Related Brain Fart

September 14, 2001

... And it's not really about the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. This is about the most ignorant, inbred Americans showing their faces in the aftermath. Before the sun had set on Tuesday, the redneck contingent was out en masse.

Arab-language newspapers have received bomb threats, mosques have been shot up, and Muslim children are staying at home with the doors locked and the curtains drawn. And the same type of retards who like to fly the Confederate flag are grabbing the stage again.

I realize that by reading this you probably have more than three neurons firing at once, so it'll be blatantly obvious to you, but I'll say it anyway: Not all Muslims are terrorists. There are some sick motherfuckers out there to be sure -- evidence points to the pilots having help inside the airports -- but most of them are just normal people. They can't believe what's going on, either, and they look at this with the same astonishment and revulsion that the Catholics (should) look at the Inquisition and the Germans look at the Holocaust.

They have it even worse: Not only have their countrymen been killed (there are Arabs who've become American citizens), but their religion has been sullied and now they're being blamed for it by the worst America has to offer.

So for those of you blaming the "towel-heads" and "camel-jockeys," just do us all a favor and go back to fucking your sisters, OK?

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